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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
Yo so you wanna know my horrible taste in comedy? No? Great!

Some of my favourite youtubers (who I'm gonna rank by how excited I get when a new video pops into my sub box):

1. IDubbbzTV (After hair cake, I never miss a video)

2. Jontron (Have been watching since like early high school/late middle school, love him to bits)

3. Vinesauce (Okay specifically Vinny's stuff but Rev and Joel are also great.)

4. YourMovieSucksDOTorg (I love movie reviewers and he's just super funny while he does it)

5. Achievement Hunter/Funhaus (I FEEL like I like achievement hunter more content wise, but people wise I love Funhaus. They're technically the same company so they can be grouped together)

6. Zylbrad (He literally only plays Overwatch and it's amazing)

7. TearofGrace (This poor man hates himself while playing Isaac more than I do)

8. Demo/DouchebagChocolat (YO DEMO WHERE'S MY ANIME REVIEWS)

9. SpaceHamster/BrutalMoose/Projared (They're all about the same but I try and watch all their new content the day it comes out)

10. Eruption/Arcadea (He likes RPGs and other stuff I like? Sign me up.)

And then I like a lot of other people too, these are just like my most watched/tops.
you have dank taste in youtubers
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