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Marvolo was beaming with fatherly pride as he saw his daughter practicing Lick on her catch- her Trainer. "That's my girl," he smiled, just before Amethyst called her over. And Kinana responded to the call with great enthusiasm, wrapping Marvolo in a big hug. The father Seviper hugged his daughter back. "I've missed you, Kinana," Marvolo said to his daughter. "I saw that catch you just made, and you were amazing. Pinned down the arms and everything- that's an important thing to remember." However, Kinana then called for someone called Sorano, who turned out to be the Dratini Amethyst had told Marvolo about, the one they'd adopted as another daughter. "Hello, Sorano," smiled Marvolo. "It's nice to finally meet you."

"No problem, man," said Keith. "Though honestly, it's Marv you should be thanking for the timing- he's the one who dragged me here. And I mean that literally," he added with a chuckle. "When it comes to getting him to see his family, you do not want to slow him down."

"Nice to see you too, Hyrem," nodded Helena.

"Things are pretty good," Keith said in response to Hyrem's question. "Oh, yeah- I caught a couple of Pokémon last year I don't think I ever got a chance to show you. I didn't bring my Swirlix or my Shiny Beautifly with me, but this one I had to bring," he added, producing an Ice Ball from his belt. "Figured you might like to meet this guy. Come on out, Lenny!" he said, tossing the Ice Ball into the air. Keith knew that Hyrem had a Weavile of his own (a tough detail to forget when his Mightyena was in love with said Weavile), and so from Keith's Ice Ball emerged a Weavile of his own. This Weavile, however, sported chocolate-brown fur instead of the black fur normal for his kind, and the feathers, instead of crimson, were an icy shade of blue.

"Weaviii!" Lenny grinned. Then he noticed the unfamiliar person nearby. "Weavii?" he asked, looking up at Hyrem.

"Lenny, this is my friend, Hyrem," Keith explained. "Hyrem, meet Lenny, my Weavile."

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