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Amethyst leads Marvolo and his friends inside to find Kinana practicing her Lick attack on her catch: a squirming trainer who thought she merely wanted his attention. Well, she wanted it...and more! With his hands bound in her coils, he couldn't keep her face, and most importantly her tongue, at bay. And Amethyst couldn't have been prouder. "Good work, sweetie~ Now come say hi to your-"
"DADDY~" Slithering off of Hyrem, Kinana slides straight to her father and gives him a big hug. "You're here~ Hey, Sorano, come see our daddy!" she called down toward the basement.
Coming up the stairs was a smaller serpent, a Dratini, who raced over to the three Seviper with curiosity in her eyes at the male one as this was the first time she and Marvolo had met. "Marv, this is Sorano," Amethyst explained, "she's the Dratini I talked about that hatched a few months after Kinana did, and she really liked thinking about her as a sister. Now, I couldn't really turn down such an eager request from our daughter, so we've adopted her~"
"Hi there~" she gave out a softer hiss, but one that still showed how excited she was to finally meet Marvolo.

Meanwhile, Hyrem dusted himself off before standing up. "Phew, thanks for the timing, Keith!" he said in relief. "Good to see you again, and you too, Helena! So, how are things?"

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