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Round 4 - Mons getting blown back

The Flea, feeling the effects of his sugar crash and his back to back attacks, decides to high tail it out of there. His eyes gleam with energy as he begins gliding off, away from Drifty. The purple Pokemon has a brief moment of shock as the winds suddenly re-align, giving the masked luchador a way to boost his escape, despite being slowed from his sugar crash. Drifty won't let The Flea escape that easily, however, and blows a somewhat weak gust of wind in The Flea's direction. The blast of wind follows the The Flea, striking the Pokemon who grits his teeth and quickly re-orients himself. Turning his head back for a check on Drifty's position, he finds the Ghost Pokemon completely missing, alarming him. The Flea desperately looks around, but can't find her. Drifty, who was floating towards The Flea the entire time, suddenly strikes The Flea for some more damage, taking him by complete surprise and also keeping the distance fairly close.

The Flea took the only damage this round, pushing him just barely past the midpoint of total health. The energy disparity seems to have closed a bit, with Drifty's energy now almost as much as The Flea's. The Flea, however, is fresh and no longer feeling the effects of his sugar crash, while Drifty would like a break.
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