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Round 3:

Marvel looks upon Gabriel from afar she uses her psychic powers to tickle the great Piloswine causing him to lower his attack stat and his defensive ability. However Gabriel decides to simply use a fair chunk of psychic energy to create a cubic light screen around himself increasing his special defence greatly! Marvell sees her foe's newly found special defence prowess and gathers a chunk of psychic energy and sends it in a wave form at Gabriel pushing him back but he stands tall following the attack before inhaling and gathering in ice energy summoning forth a blizzard which washes over the battlefield colliding with Marvel for some powerful damage. Gabriel cringes from his burn.

Marvel has fallen into the 2nd, as has Gabriel. Both would appreciate breathers, Gabriel Moreso

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Well I don't know I wanted to deal damage and Starmie is inorganic :X
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Starmie is a starfish, it is not inorganic :p
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Kush I'm TL1. How am I supposed to know things if you don't tell me them?
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It's a starfish.

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I have 1 SP. Retroactively claiming the SP tax on all the things I did whilst LO.

I now have 1 SP.
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