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Phantump Round 1: Look ma, all the pain!

We arrive at Pumello to earn me more crack see Kamen and Crys duke it out in a doubles battle, fun stuff. Crys sends out a Wimpod and a Mawile, which seems like a possible TR offensive core when fully evolved. Kamen responds with a Numel and a Pikipek, not how I would've done things but I'm also a massive plebian.

Everyone lands on the field barring Wimpod and William, who are in the pool and air respectively. Ishtar hears his orders as they come through loud and clear from Kamen's camp, the volcano-camel starts to bash his tiny little feet on the ground as he starts to act like a bulldozer, bulldozing the ground instead. Mawile is shaken slightly by this but the pain is more to write home about. Well, not as much to write home about as the incoming assault by Wimpod. The little wimpy bug builds up a massive wave using the pool's water before riding it high and mighty. Ishtar looks over at what's happening and almost cries out in fear before being basically drowned and howling in massive loads of pain, basically wanting to cry at this point but he shrugs it off. William laughs at this before swooping at Mawile, being covered in FLAMES all the while. The bird smacks straight into the steel 'mon who does not appreciate the pain whatsoever before Taunting the Pikipek in case it tries to do anything funny.

Speaking of funny, Wimpod decides that he should be really hilarious again seeing as William's plans to confuse him were foiled. Wimpod builds up another wave of water, this one being weaker than the one from the pool, before washing it over the Numel once more for a world of pain. The Numel takes a while to react, as expected, and cries out a little bit before smothering the Mawile in a Flamethrower which burns it oh-so-much but the Mawile responds with a little bit of a prayer. Throwing a ball of energy into the sky, which in turn starts to bring the clouds to the arena in all their menacing glory. Wimpod then smashes another Surf into Ishtar who stands but barely, knowing he'll probably go down soon. He tries to smile but the rain arrives as the round ends, signaling that a world of pain is in store for the Numel... as well as a world of fainting, death, or whatever floats your boat.


Ishtar took a fuckton of damage, sitting a tiny ways above critical. Good for two though!
Mawile is in the second third, good for two. Dark is still plentiful.
Wimpod is fine, okay for two. William is also fine, Fire is plentiful and good for two.

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