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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
The Poké Pelago Islands
A Pokémon Resort!

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Isle Abeens (Lv.1 + 30/30 Poké Beans) Whitefloss the Swirlix♀ and Jack the Pumpkasaur♂
A large grassy island with a tiny shoreline that surrounds the entire coast, Pokémon enjoy coming here for the array of multi-coloured beans that fall from the beanstalk in the centre of the island.
P1) Whitefloss bounces excitedly around the beanstalk hoping someone will join her. She soon spies a pink and brown panda-like cub smiling at her like it may want to join in.
P2) Jack spies the Stufful. Will he approach it or perhaps look around for another Pokémon?
Isle Abeens has upgraded to Lv.2! The Beanstalk grows considerably taller dropping even more Poké Beans while two smaller stalks start to sprout on the east and west coasts of the island.
Two more PC Pokémon are now able to roam here.

Isle Aplenny (Lv.1 + 10/30 Poké Beans) Rose the Roselia♀ and Brig the Skorupi♀
A small island with highly fertile soil and a well in its centre that caters to the berry fields that are harvested here. If your Pokémon is not already holding a berry to plant, they can use one of the free sample seed packets in the basket by the Poké Bean crate.
P1) Rose is delighted to have such a pleasant island to relax on. Berry growing, while enjoyable and nurturing also gives her plenty of time to enjoy her down time. Planting her seeds she tends to them appropriately and enjoys the fresh island breeze.
P2) Brig is also pleased to be here, especially with Rose for company. Tending to her own seeds in her own patch of soil Brig soon joins Rose to wait for the berries to grow.

Isle Aphun (Lv.1 + 20/30 Poké Beans) Doom the Absol♂ and Blackbeard the Chatot♂
A mysterious cave makes up this small island where precious items are said to be found. How deep it goes is not quite known but Pokémon love adventuring here.
P1) Doom paces impatiently about the cave entrance which only leads a few metres in. There must be more to it, so he continues to search hoping to find a way deeper inside.
P2) With an excited squawk Blackbeard seems to have spotted the skeletal remains of something. Will he investigate or continue searching?

Isle Evelup (Lv.1 + 10/30 Poké Beans) Kong the Slaking♂ and Wattson the Magnemite
A small island akin to boot camp, designed to test a Pokémon's strength and endurance. In conjunction with their training nutritious fruit drinks are served, aiding in your Pokémon's hard-earned gains. Two of the same drink will have a lasting effect on your Pokémon.
P1) Kong takes to the sand dunes and spends a couple of hours hauling tyres from one end of the island to the other. Finally he relaxes with a well-deserved refreshment that has him feeling like he could go another round!
P2) Wattson tries the aerial course, testing its accuracy on the targets lining the course. It misses a few at first but after warming up starts zapping away like a professional. At the end Wattson is feeling quite pumped and very confident, so confident in fact that cooling off with a tropical fruit punch seems quite appealing.
Both Pokémon have gained considerable experience today. Another day of training may just boost their levels.

Isle Avue (Lv.1 + 10/30 Poké Beans) Sterope the Rapidash♀ and Greycoat the Elgyem♂
An island hotspring, Isle Avue is the key to your Pokémon's happiness. Leave them to soak their travel-weary, battle-weary bones, and they'll love you so much more for providing them with such a luxurious retreat.
P1) Sterope, while at first hesitant to go near the water starts warming to the idea after testing it with her foot. She slowly enters the hotspring, the wonderful warmth enveloping her and making her feel quite at home. Letting loose a long, deep, relaxed sigh, she closes her eyes and allows the water to sooth her weary muscles.
P2) Greycoat is more eager to soak up the hot spring water, and floats about in a dreamy haze. So relaxing..... Mmmmm........
Both Pokémon are enjoying their soak, so check back in later to see how they are doing as leaving them for too long may have an adverse effect.

Inventory: 0 Poké Beans

It is now time to decide how your Pokémon will continue, or if you will switch them out for another.
In most cases you've been given minimum detail so you can free RP to your hearts content with your reply.
Please remember that nothing can be claimed (Pokémon, items, berries, levels, moves, stat gains, etc., until the conclusion of the event).
Have fun!
Floss jumped ecstatically around the beanstalk, every now and again she would headbutt it in the hopes of it dropping a sweet Pokébean for her to consume. And if it wasn’t sweet, she could always coat it with her Chocolate Magic. Jack though, preferred to rest and sat a little distance away from the noisy Swirlix, basking in the sun’s glow while it was still out. He felt currently timid, his possessive spirit phase subdued for the moment. He was, by all accounts, a regular Pumpkasaur.

And then he noticed the faint smell of something closing in on the beanstalk. His head reared up to gaze at the distance. His pupils contracted to thin slices and a blood red colour drowned his irises. “Pumpka!” it shouted.

Floss turned in surprise, wondering what Jack was exclaiming. She saw a creature approaching them; a pink bear-like stuffed animal. “Swirl!” she shouted in glee, hoping she was about to make a new friend. She wondered what her new friend would taste like. She hoped sweet. She liked sweet things. The Cotton Candy Pokémon dashed towards the newcomer, tongue loose like a rabid dog and ready to lick their guest welcome.

Jack remained perfectly still in his place, only occasionally shaking on his legs as his nerves steeled against the violent possession of his Halloween background. A toothy grin stretched across his face as the scent of something else met his nostrils. Jack wasn’t interested as much in their new guest. He had the innate sense that something else was coming to them. He walked away from Floss with disinterest and continued his search for the other scent.
Rose opened up one of the small seed packets packaged in the basket on the island. A sweet smell flowed out and entranced the flower Pokémon. The Roselia held the bag open to her partner Brig the Skorupi, allowing her to take a whiff of the sweet aroma as well.

“Skor, skor.” Brig gleamed happiness.

“Selia,” Rose nodded to her partner with a tender smile.

The two walked together across the island’s grounds. Rose planted her roots in the soil every now and again, testing the earth’s fertility and trying to find an optimal place to grow a sapling. Upon finding such a spot, Brig would scratch at the earth to make a little hole and Rose would plant a seed. The two buried it under a light pack of dirt and moved on to find other such spots to plant the other berries.
The island consisted mostly of a single cave of unknown depth. Along the entrance, Doom sniffed across the ground up and down, every so often treading into the cave’s mouth and exiting.

“Caw, whatcha doin stupid?” the Chatot teased the Absol

Doom merely ignored his fellow Pokémon’s taunts. He wasn’t as nearly aggravated as his trainer was when it came to Blackbeard’s jabs. He was more interested in oncoming doom and secrets. Secrets like the cave on the island with a single entrance that didn’t run deep. He felt he was missing something. There must have been more to it but he couldn’t find what it was.

“Caw, you’re an idiot,” the Chatot flapped its wings and took off into the cave. Doom let him go and didn’t follow, instead probing the ground, hoping to find something.

“Caw, idiot” the Chatot called out from inside the cave.

Doom ignored him.

“Caw,” he called again.

Doom didn’t pay attention to his ally.

“Chatot chat!”

Doom craned his neck towards the cave in surprise. Black rarely spoke in his species’ tongue. Doom wondered if it meant the Chatot was in trouble. He doubted it and presumed it was probably just another cry of attention from the Music Note Pokémon. Nevertheless, Doom paced himself into a gentle stroll towards the Chatot’s cries. He came up to a skeleton propped up against the cave wall. Atop the skeleton’s shoulder perched Blackbeard, giving another cry towards the Absol.

“Caw, shiver me timbers,” he joked.
Kong and Wattson propped themselves against one of the tires the Slaking had being hauling around. Both took a beverage, complimentary with the island, sat and drank thirstily. Both felt a renewed vigour after their training, finding themselves stronger than they did before. A good exercise routine is essential for the mind after all.

Elsewhere, Lucas looked over his Pokédex at his Pokémon’s stats. He was impressed by his Magnemite’s performance but he tried not to show it. Wattson wasn’t the group’s best battler, if you could even call him a battler at all. His erratic nature and sudden outbursts of mechanical cries made him tough to handle or train and it showed when he took on the aerial course, missing most of the targets along the way. Gradually though, his aim got better and pretty soon his shots were more accurate, employing his Lock-On attack he never used before. ’A little more,’ Lucas hoped, ’and maybe.’ He wasn’t impressed with his Slaking however. Kong was already incredibly strong and destroyed a large chunk of his base when he evolved. Lucas sent him to train his new strength and control it. Instead, he found his Slaking lazing around with a beverage. Whether he trained or not, Lucas knew Kong could do much better.

“Hey!,” Lucas violently tapped his Pokédex’s screen, hoping to get in contact with them. “I sent you there to train. Get up you sloth.”
Sterope was nervous of the Elgyem at first, having never had a proper conversation with him before but she found that the Psychic-type had a Docile nature and kept much to himself. Luckily she wasn’t nearly as bashful and fearful now as when she was just a Ponyta, or she would have galloped into a frenzy and set the whole island on fire. The waters dotted around the island didn’t help in making her feel relaxed though. Water was the Fire-type’s bane and she thoroughly disliked the idea of her trainer sending her here.

Greycoat was the first to dip into one of the hot springs, eyeing them with inspection. Slowly though, as he sagged his body into the warm water, he found the hot spring to be rather soothing and relaxed. He gave a quiet chime and closed his eyes as he bathed in the water. Sterope eyed her partner suspiciously and slowly dipped one of her hooves into the waters opposite Grey, then her leg, then another, and another, until all four of her legs were standing in the mineral spring. She relaxed and slowly set the rest of her body to soak into the waters. She relaxed and both Pokémon enjoyed the warmth of the spring as it soothed their bodies.

Placing 30 Pokébeans on Isle Abeens
Placing 20 Pokébeans on Isle Aplenny
Placing 10 Pokébeans on Isle Aphun
Placing 20 Pokébeans on Isle Evelup
Placing 0 Pokébeans on Isle Avue


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