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With Pushpa having finally succumbed, Me is called into action, the Amoongus bringing with him an intense change to the surroundings for Interceptor. The Skuntank blinks wildly, taking some time to adjust to the sudden assault on his senses, and he finds himself angered further as Me begins to move awkwardly in front of him. Hissing his irritation, Interceptor waits for his moment, and as his foe creates tendrils of energy, he strikes. Raising a paw into the air, the Dark type catches Me's attention, leaving the Amoongus to be socked a moment later. The tendrils condensed around the arms of the Grass type disappear immediately, and Interceptor stands proudly. Spewing forth a spray of sickly green fluid, the Skuntank believes for a moment he will survive to see another round, before the exhaustion finally catches him. His legs give way, and the last thing he witnesses is Me recoiling in pain from his final spray.

Interceptor is unable to battle! Machamp-X, your final Pokemon please.

Me is pretty much entirely fresh, though he took a fair hit this round.
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