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Not wanting to give her opponent much room to breathe, Frieda spreads her arms wide, her eyes flashing with a dull beige colour as she calls upon unfamiliar forces. Buzzing into the air around her, numerous orbs of pale energy flicker into existence, their chorus thrum causing Dr. X to twitch with irritation. Still, the Porygon manages to focus his mind, spinning his head erratically as he gathers a raucous crimson energy around himself. As Frieda sends her curtain of beige orbs towards him, Dr. X unleashes a forceful blast of roaring energy, the funnel managing to dispel a good deal of the incoming orbs. Despite this, a number manage to latch onto Dr. X all the same, leaving the Porygon stuttering in mid air. Finding amusement in this, Frieda rears her head backwards, allowing a pale turquoise mist to begin flowing from within her clamped jaws. With a demure groan, she sends a flowing mist out over the field, the attack engulfing Dr X entirely. As it begins to fade, it becomes painfully evident for his trainer that Dr. X is caught in the throes of paralysis, small orange bolts jumping across the surface of his body.

Dr. X is paralysed and trailing slightly, though he cut well into Freida's lead this round, knowing her into her second third. Freida good for two while her foe is fresh as he can be. Infestation will take a slight effect, inducing some of the irritation while not quite managing the damage output.
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