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You try and focus on the battle before you, but you recognise that Lalo's lack of alternatives is seriously starting to sting. Between Pin Missile and Protect, Pineco certainly has many of its bases covered, and although you don't strictly have to win for the others to succeed, you'd rather not have Lalo hurt if possible. The brave Shinx launches another withering glare at his opponent, but despite another noticeable shudder the attack does little to deter the rain of projectiles headed Lalo's way. You glance about, trying to see if any obstacles lie around that you could possibly make use of, but any materials are too far away from the entrance to make any significant difference. Instead, it's up to Lalo as he bounds through the shower of missiles, hitting Pineco with an audible crunch, the protective bark buckling under the Shinx's weight after repeated weakening. The two Pokémon glare at each other, but then -

"There you are! I've been looking all over for you!"

You nearly heave a sigh of relief at the sound of Veronica's voice, and everyone turns to see the punk girl approach you from behind. "The party's not this way, silly," she grins, a firm hand on your head as she gives you a tough noogie. "Sorry, boys. My cousin's got a disgusting sense of direction. Be seeing ya!"

Giving no time for the guard boys to react, Veronica grips you by the hand and yanks you away, Lalo catching on and quickly scampering to your ankles. Behind you, you think you can hear Ron's indignant complaint but your speed is a little too quick to catch anything, and soon Veronica has you escorted back into the gym's main entrance.

"Not bad, scrub. You know how to flaunt yourself, no doubt about that," smirks the older girl. "The boss man told me to give you these. When the surprise goes online, you'll know what to do. Just don't lose your head. We'll see you on the dance floor, yeah?"

As she gives you a wink, you watch Veronica disappear back into the main hall. You look at the wad of bills numbering $2,000 in your hand, as well as another slip of paper. In the multicoloured, artificial lightning, you manage to make out what's on the printed note:

What can it mean? Unfortunately Veronica has long since vanished into the throngs of people, but it looks like you don't have to worry about it for now.

- Lalo has gained 1 level from battling Pineco.
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