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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Missingno. Master: Arriving to greet the new proud parents you find Scorpius standing protectively over Hermione who is curled around a miniature version of herself. Relaxing now that he's seen a familiar face Scorpius beckons you closer to meet his newborn son.
At last, at long last, Keith was allowed in to see his Pokémon. Slowly he entered the jungle habitat that Scorpius and Hermione called home for the past couple of weeks, but he didn't have much of a search ahead of him- no sooner had he entered than he saw his Drapion, standing protectively over Hermione. The Drapion looked up sharply as he heard the door open, but relaxed as he saw who it was, grinning at Keith and beckoning him closer. Keith grinned back and approached them. Hermione was curled around the newborn, though as she saw Keith approach, she smiled, and uncurled herself, revealing the little one at last.

Keith smiled. The little Weedle was Hermione in miniature, though minus the ink-stained tail stinger. There was also the minor detail that this Weedle was male, of course. The proud parents smiled down at their son, who looked up curiously at Keith. "Hey there, little guy," Keith said softly, getting down on the ground to greet the newborn Weedle.

"Weedle..." murmured the newborn. He crawled slowly towards Keith, sniffing him curiously. Crawled up his arm, across his shoulders, and down the other arm.

"I like him already," smiled Keith as the Weedle continued to inspect him. "Do we have a name for him?" he asked the parents.

The parents exchanged nods before turning back to Keith. "Drapi. Drapion," nodded Scorpius.

"Weedle Weedle," added Hermione.

"Dey're sayin' his name is Albus," Meowth translated.

"Albus..." murmured Keith. He gave a small smile and approving nod. "I like it. This little guy is gonna be as smart as his mother and as strong as his father someday, I just know it. And I think I have just the ball for little Albus," Keith added. He produced an object from his backpack crafted expertly from a Grn Apricorn, which Albus began sniffing curiously. Upon his nose making contact with the Friend Ball's button, however, the little Weedle was pulled inside and caught instantly. Keith wasted no time in calling Albus back out, of course, so he could be with his parents. "Alright, what say we all go home, hmm?" Keith smiled, standing back up. "I think little Albus has a lot of new friends to make, and we've got a party to prepare for, don't we?"

"Drapi," nodded Scorpius.

"Weedle," agreed Hermione. She rode on one of Scorpius's arms while the Drapion carefully cradled his son in his other arm, beaming with fatherly pride as he followed Keith and Meowth out of the breeding center.

OOC: Picking up Scorpius and Hermione, and more to the point, picking up little Albus here, who gains his very first Happiness Point from the Friend Ball I'm collecting him in.
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