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Marvolo smiled as his beloved Amethyst slithered up to meet him. Then and only then did Marvolo stop and release his hold on Keith, allowing the Poison-type Trainer to stand back up. He gave a nod to Amethyst as a respectful yet fearless greeting before dusting himself off.

Marvolo hissed his pleasure at Amethyst's words. "Not nearly as good as it is to see you again, Amy," he responded. He grinned at her question, as well. "As a matter of fact, I-" he began before Hyrem shouted for Amethyst from within the Secret Base. Marvolo was about to ask what this was about, when Amethyst provided the answer. Marvolo's eyes lit up at the prospect of their daughter having made her first catch. "She's growing up so fast..." he murmured. "Yes, of course, let's see," he agreed.

"Yeesh," sighed Keith as he finally dusted himself off.

"You OK, little brother?" Helena asked, the Banette's blue eyes full of concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Keith nodded, with a smile at Helena. "Got you to thank for that, really. So, what say we go inside, see if Hyrem needs any help? Between his scream and what Amethyst said, I'm getting the feeling Kinana's causing some trouble in there."

"Sure," nodded the Banette, and so they followed the pair of Seviper inside.

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