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Species: Ledyba

Gender: Female

Nickname: Rosalie

Ability: Rattled

Nature: Jolly

Background: Cassen's starter, more of a happy-go-lucky type to Cassen's more calculating self. Still slightly confused by the whole 'Scarlet' deal.

Level: 6

Mood: 60

Drain Punch (Egg)
Knock Off (Egg, via Egg Candy)

Moves by level up:
Spoiler: show
8 Swift
9 Comet Punch
12 Safeguard
12 Light Screen
12 Reflect
15 Mach Punch
19 Silver Wind
22 Baton Pass
29 Agility
33 Bug Buzz
36 Air Slash
39 Double Edge
Spoiler: show
Squad summary here.
TL3, 129.5 TP, 37 KOs, 3 SP
C grade ref.

WF quest log here.

FB stuff here.

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