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Cassen's Notepad

Name: Cassen 'Scarlet' Jones

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Class: (Major: Ghost, Minor: Ice and Weakness: Fairy)

Adventures: Stepping through Shadows

Appearance: Cassen is approximately 5' 8'', with shoulder-length straight hair, approximately the color of rust. She's skinny, with enough muscle to make it look like she isn't a skinsack of bones and organs. Her complexion is pale, as her skin apparently refuses to tan, and she favors practical clothing: A grey vest top and beige cargo pants, with walking boots. She has storm grey eyes, which convey a feeling of coldness and distrust when she glares, although they could also be nicer should she choose it. She is right handed by nature, but learnt how to do everything with her left hand after she wounded her right arm in a fight, leaving her dependent upon her other hand for a while.

Personality: Cassen takes a very dubious approach to life, believing that the ends always justify the means, regardless of whatever she ends up doing. She also has an extremely practical approach to life: Her survival is the first priority, and whatever she feels should come next, does, usually revealing her more whimsical side. She often wears a facade of being a jovial, kind person, but in reality she is harsh, uncaring and unforgiving, which shows through when she is angry or distressed. She does not understand the concept of beauty: Time spent making things look nice is time wasted in her book. She has a twisted sense of humor and isn't entirely sane. She also suffers from severe insomnia, which she maintains is due to her survival instincts, but inside she fears it may be more to do with her own actions at the start pof her journey. She often dons the facade of being Scarlet, who is more happy, excitable and outgoing, but frequently switching between the two over the years has taken its toll, and she has a habit of speaking to herself from this, and sometimes switches between the two mid-conversation, which can confuse people, not in the least her Pokemon.

Background: Cassen was born to a rather well-off household. Unfortunately, her parents were aware of this and liked to make sure everyone within earshot was aware of this too. When it became clear that Cassen was not going to be conforming to their ideals, mainly due to her distinctive red hair and inability to understand beauty or aesthetics, they began to hide her from the public eye, often locking her in the attic while they had other people around- which was often. And then the disasters came one day, while Cassen was 'out'- she'd been locked in a room and promptly bailed out of the window as she usually did to get some alone time and to learn about how real people lived, not these stuck-up ponces. As she returned home to grab what she could from what was left of the house, she heard her parents crying out for help, clearly trapped in what remained of the vaguely-sturdy building. She saw a clear choice: Rescue them and have to care for three people, two of whom were wounded, or leave them to their fate and have a better chance herself, but risk running into them later if they were saved, as they probably would be. Or the third option, which would ensure they would never run into her again. She never looked back as she set the timbers alight and walked off, ignorant of their screams. The following years were rough for the girl, as she begged, stole and occasionally fought her way from meal to meal, from resting place to resting place, although she could never get much sleep. Her mind was constantly focused on survival, and to her, friends were often liabilities. A Pokemon friend would have been ideal, as it was both company and capable of fending for itself. However, given the collapse of basically everything in the Disasters, that wasn't likely to happen, until one day she stumbled across a city. Donning her by-now common persona of the cheerful and jovial Scarlet, created because she learnt years ago that her usual distrustful and icy personality tended to get her alienated (and on the odd occasion chased from town by a pitchfork mob), Cassen entered the city, the promise of a change of pace, and maybe the chance to start actually living, appealing to the survivalist, although she feared it would never be that simple...

Starter Group: 6.

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