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After releasing his friends into the fresh, morning air, Fitz and his party once again depart from Pewter, but this time, they don't plan on returning for a long while. With the rising sun in front of them, they begin on the path to Mt. Moon, surrounded on both sides by the familiar Viridian Forest. The comforting shade of the trees extends over the walkway, shielding the group from the bright sun as it ascends higher in the cerulean sky. Unlike before, no obstacles appear to hinder the party's progress. No wild Pokemon, no criminals, nothing but the occasional snapping of a twig or rustling of the forest's leaves. The next hour or so passes in relative boredom, but as they arrive at the Pokemon Center in front of the rather graded mountain, a bittersweet mood overtakes the party, as it is finally time for Fitz to leave the extensive Viridian Forest for an undetermined amount of time.

As he approaches, Fitz takes in the scene in front of the Pokemon Center, luckily finding little out of the ordinary. A couple of miners, travelers, explorers, and trainers are bustling in and out of the double doors, except for one burly man and a child playing with rocks at his feet. Seeming to be around 8 years of age, the young boy has completely dirtied his khaki trousers, staining them in a layer of soil around his kneecaps. Likewise, his white button-up has become littered with earthy marks, which match the dust that covers his plump face. When he can be bothered to do so, the older man ruffles the kid's pristine, yet disheveled blonde hair, ordering him to get up from off the ground only for the boy to soon return to his playing. Unlike the child, however, the man's clothes are much less out of place. Dressing rather simply, he sports thick, khaki cargo pants, but while a white t-shirt is much better for traversing the mountain than a dress shirt, the one he wears is noticeably clean and new. When he isn't concerned with his companion, the elder of the two attempts to seize the attention of those around them, but the passersby pay him no heed. After one such failure, the dejected man turns to face Fitz's direction, and upon seeing the trainer's Pokemon, his sparkling blue eyes light up, and hope returns to his face.

"Ho there, my boy! Could you come over here for a spell? I have a favor to ask of you, if you'd be so kind," calls the gruff, yet eloquent voice of the muscular man from his white handlebar mustache.
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