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Misdreavus Sylvia's Happy Thoughts

Name: Sylvia Molyneux
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Class: Sylph (Fairy Major, Bug Minor, Dark Weakness)

Appearance: Sylvia is a little mouse of a girl, much smaller than average for her age, which only helps to give off the appearance of an innocent and helpless little girl. She tends to dress in ways that add to this appearance, with her favorite outfit being a flowing blue dress accented by small bits of silver jewelry and blue sandals. Her long blonde hair reaches to about the small of her back, and she has a habit of changing how it looks, usually doing braids in a variety of different ways to mix things up a bit every morning so she never has the same look twice. Her movements are flowing and graceful more often than not, resulting in a usually dainty impression to those around her.

Personality: Sylvia's very much an "everything is coming up smiles" type of person. She'll find a way to take joy out of any situation, and even the worst of predicaments she believes can be solved with a little patience and a whole lot of positive attitude. That's not to say she's incapable of feeling other emotions, though, but instead she simply bottles them up in order to continue with her positive outlook on things. The bottle does have a pretty bad habit of spilling every now and then, causing everything she's stored away to come rushing forward at once in a torrent of fear, sadness, anger, or whatever has set her off at the time.

Background: Sylvia, being rather young, barely remembers a time before the disasters. The post apocalyptic time that we currently live in is all she has come to know over the course of her life, and having grown in the hustle and bustle of the ever marching forward city of Cerulean, she's perfectly okay with not knowing what came before. She's always been willing to lend a helping hand to those around her, and it's earned her a pretty good reputation in the city, but it's finally time for her to start her journey, and a friend in the market is giving Sylvia her first Pokemon to start it off with, to which she couldn't be more excited.

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