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Having taken a few days for some time off after a rather strenuous journey already, Orlando gears up with his team with the intention to finally get the plants he's been harboring passed on to where they need to go. The town isn't overly large, but it does take a bit of wandering before noticing a large patch of turned soil on the outskirts, being tended to by an elderly man. It takes a moment for the man to notice Orlando, but as he stands to turn towards the stranger approaching him he is quick to spot the small twig of one of the berry plants popping out of Orlando's bag.

"Oh! You must be here to help the effort!" The man smiles wide as Orlando empties his bag of plants. "And you have a fair few in good condition, too!" Rummaging through his pockets he produces two Star Shards as well as a single Rare Candy to hand over in exchange. "Thank you ever so much! We've been on some hard times lately with our food supply and all the extra berries we can get are appreciated." Picking out a piece of paper and a pen he jots down a quick note. "Take this to the Gym and give it to William. I'm sure he'll want to battle someone who has helped out the town."

With that, the man picks up the plants and goes back to work, readying places to plant the new berries. Turning back around, it's not hard to see where the Gym is, the large blimp standing out against all the other buildings, so Orlando's trek over is rather short.

A rather large man stands at the desk as Orlando enters, and his voice booms with excitement. "WELCOME TO THE GYM!" He shouts from across the way. Toning it down a little, he continues, "I'm Ples, one of the Gym Trainers here! And you must be wanting to talk to William!" His voice practically echoes through the gym before he lets out a hearty joyous laugh. "He's in the back! I'd be happy to take you to him! Or do you have something else you needed?"

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