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The Pokédex gave an incessant beeping noise ever since the update came available. It was important he remained quiet so he quickly accepted the update without so much as reading the ‘Terms and Conditions’ or ‘User Agreement’ that came with it. Now that that was done, he could continue on his treasure hunt.

Lucas eyed around the corner of the cave tunnel.
“Did you go through all the crates yet?” One of the men further up questioned one of his associates.
“No boss, we still have a few to go.”
“Well hurry up. I don’t like the idea of staying here much longer. These caves are creepy enough without having to think about the cops following us.”
“Yes boss.”

Lucas veered back to his two Pokémon by his side; a Gallade and Dusclops. He put a finger against his lips to tell them they should be quiet.
“Alright,” he whispered as quietly as he could, “here’s the plan: Faust sneaks through the cave walls and hides in a dark corner where he’ll use Confuse Ray to scare them. Then he’ll scare them off with a Flash from his red eye. Once the guards pass us Rags, you Teleport us past them so they won’t see us. Then we’ll look through the crates-“
The Pokédex gave another unpleasant bleep to indicate the update was done.
“What now?”
A message was attached to it. Lucas’ fingers tapped the various buttons on the red device to quickly scan through the message in case it was important. A tired sigh escaped his lips and he opened it.


Lucas frantically squeezed the ‘Lower Volume’ button.
“What was that!”
“It came from over there!,” shouted one of the other guards.
“Farfetch’d. We’ve been found.” Lucas shoved his two ally Pokémon. “Run! Quick!” The party sprinted though the tunnel caves while the group of men chased them.
"Around here." Lucas peered over his back. The corridors were dark but the group of men chasing them were clearly visible.
"They're here!" he could here them shouting.
The cavern was a system of maze-like corridors. No map in existence was made of these caves that detailed all of the smaller holes and cavities. Lucas himself didn't even know for sure where he was going.
"Down, this way," he heard one of the men.
They were close. He was going to have to shake them off somehow. "Faust, Flash him in the eyes."

The group continued running through random tunnels, panicking while turning around every corner rather than trying to recall the path they had taken to get in.

Eventually though, they managed to lose their pursuers and find the cave entrance again.
“Give me sec,” Lucas gasped. “Let me catch my breath.” He threw his back against the cliff’s side and slumped through his knees. His two accompanying Pokémon joined and knelt by his side. “That stupid update nearly got us dead.”
“Gal! Gallade lade gal!” His Gallade was clearly cross at his trainer.
“They’re thieves,” Lucas replied. “It’s okay to steal then. Besides,” he took a moment to take another deep breath between his panting, “we need money and supplies to build our base back up again.”
“Gal,” the Gallade reluctantly conceded, not because he agreed but because he didn’t think there was much point in arguing with his trainer over this.
“What do you think Faust?” Lucas asked his Dusclops. Faust was, as always, quiet, his single red eye growing and shrinking in size as it stared unmovingly at the other two.
“That’s what I thought.”
Lucas opened up his Pokédex again to have another look at the new feature that was just added and clearly merited some form of introduction and explanation.

“-arge of keeping Poké Pelago running.”

Lucas listened to the entire video log and read through the explanation to get an idea. Apparently, some friendly guy was in charge of a chain of small islands on which Pokémon could vacation. These were designed specifically to accommodate Pokémon in PC boxes so that they could relax, train or adventure on their own without their trainer.
An incoming video chat popped up on the Pokédex’s screen. Rags’s and Faust’s heads moved in closer to look as well. This one came in from his half-wrecked PC from his base. Lucas opened it only to regret it soon after.

“Yes I kno-“

Lucas pressed the mute button and drowned out his Kangaskhan’s rant. This was going to go nowhere. He eyed the setting behind the Kangaskhan. Splinters of wood and broken furniture were scattered amongst a grassland area. Ever since the violent storm and his Slaking’s outrage his base had been turned to shambles and his remaining Pokémon were left behind to fix it while he was out to find new money to pay for the repairs.
The Kangaskhan’s mouth continued to open and close with violent motions until Mrs. Khan grabbed the monitor by its sides and moved it.
“No don’t,” Lucas called.
Too late. Sparks fizzed across the other side of the screen as wires were evidently pulled where they shouldn’t have been. Still, it was working it seemed.
The Kangaskhan showed the devastation of the destroyed base but worst of all were all the unruly Pokémon running, arguing and fighting with one another, destroying every last bit that wasn’t already by the storm. Floss’s face popped up in front of the screen all of a sudden. Lucas decided to unmute the communication.
“Swirlswirlswirlswirlswirlixswirlixswirlixswirlswi rlswirlixswirl!”
“Uhm, help please,” he asked.
“Bawk,” a sound came from behind the Swirlix. “You’re an idiot.”
The Swirlix’s turned to look, and at the same time reveal to Lucas, the Chatot behind her.
“Hey Black,” the trainer replied monotonal.
“Bawk, you’re an idiot,” it repeated.
“Any chance you’re going to tell us what’s going on?”
The Chatot opened its beak and a voice appeared like a recording.
“Welcome! I am Mohn! I'm in charge of keeping Poké Pelago running.”
“Alright Black that’s enough.” The Chatot closed his mouth and cut off the recording.

Lucas understood that the update was sent to his computer back at his base as well. The group must have seen it, which is probably what excited the Swirlix in the first place. The Cotton Candy loved food, especially anything sweet. From what Lucas had read, Isle Abeens had loads of beans while Isle Aplenny had plenty of berry trees that could grow. Lucas took one more look at the anarchy amidst the ruins of his base. The childish Pokémon were teasing each other and sending everyone into a frenzy, Sterope was running in a frenzy while setting everything alight with its trail of fire and Wattson was crying painful mechanical noises which set off other Pokémon into frustration.
Maybe they could use a vacation. Strictly speaking, he didn’t keep any Pokémon in the PC but at his base instead. An easy fix, they would nly have to return to their Pokéballs and be uploaded into the storage system. The computer was clearly still working so it should be possible.
“Okay then Floss, you want to go to Isle Abeens?”
“Swirl!” it exclaimed happily.
“Hey Khan, how would you like some relaxation?”
“KHAN! KHANGAS!” it objected and turned the screen again, sending some more sparks flying as she did. The screen turned to the younger Pokémon; Lucas three dragons were running amok and playing while the four cat Pokémon were together licking their furs or purring sound asleep.
“Understood.” Made sense, it was probably best that Mrs. Khan stayed behind to watch over the remaining Pokémon.
Lucas counted all the Pokémon in his head, using his fingers to try and visualise how many he had remaining. His Gallade and Dusclops were with him right now. His Wailord was used for transport across the sea, his Zubat and Tynamo were also with him for some exercise and training. He couldn’t send the young Pokémon on their own, which included the three dragon cubs and the four cats Pokémon as wells as the new Pokémon he obtained from the Egg House. ’I should remember to put up adoption papers for those.’ he reminded himself. He couldn’t have his Weepinbell or Forretress leave as they were trained and vital to defending the base, or whatever remained of it.
That left… 10 Pokémon exactly he could use.
“Hey Khan, can you call the others here?”
The Khan objected to being ordered (even if it wasn’t an order) but went out to collect the others nonetheless.

“Okay Floss, I’ll allow you to go to Isle Abeens and send someone along with you.”
“But you have to help Mrs. Khan in getting the others to co-operate.”
(Maybe Floss wasn’t the right one to ask for help on this.)

Mrs. Khan returned with only a few of the party. Many of the other Pokémon remained unruly and needed more coaching before they’d listen.
“Hey guys, how would you like a small vacation?”
The few Pokémon that were close to the screen gave a sullen cry of enthusiasm.
“That’s the spirit.”
“Rose, Isle Aplenny has berry trees. I thought that would be nice stay for you.”
“Rose,” the newly added Roselia chimed. She grabbed a nearby Pokémon and brought her up to the screen. It was Brig, the Skorupi. The two of them had become strangely close recently due to the fact they were new entrants to the group at around the same time.
“Sure, I’ll send Brig with you as well.”
The Roselia blushed.

“The next island is Isle Aphun. Doom, I was thinking of sending you there.”
“Abs,” the stoic Absol responded. In recent months, the once curious Absol had become more serious and calm. Lucas hoped that old habit might have aided them in finding treasure alongside his ability Super Luck.
“I’m sending Black alongside with you.” A stark contrast: Doom was quiet, serious and obedient while Black was impish, taunting and loud. He hoped the two of them could rub off on one another somehow.

“Next is Isle Evelup, a training island.”
“King!”, the Slaking shouted.
“Okay Kong, I’ll send you there. Probably for the best. You were the one who ripped our base to pieces. Probably the best that you train and learn about that newfound strength of yours. And take Wattson with you.”
“Mag! Mag…” The Magnemite gave a whining pitch.
“You’ve been part of our team one of the longest Watts and you still haven’t gotten any stronger. This will be good for you.
“Mags,” it said solemnly.

“Star,” he called out to Sterope. The Rapidash was just recently running around crazed until Mrs. Khan brought her close by grabbing on the reigns. “Star, you’re going to relax on Isle Avue. There are hot springs there. Even though you’re a fire type, they should be able to relax you.” The Rapidash gave a cheerless whiny.
Lucas counted all the Pokémon on his hand again, twice as he had lost count. “That only leaves Greycoat and… our newest member Jack, the Pumpkasaur.” Lucas mulled over his choices. From what he knew about them, it was probably best not to spook Sterope, Floss’s cheery nature could more easily handle Jack’s sudden spouts of malevolence.

“Okay, so it’s settled?” The question was rhetorical and Lucas didn’t listen to any of the objections that may have arisen. “Khan,” he focussed on Mrs. Khan. “Send them off to the islands.”
“Their Pokéballs should be somewhere back at base. Just-“
The Kangaskhan pressed the button on the keyboard and shut off the video chat between the two.

’That Kangaskhan!’


Sending Whitefloss the Swirlix and Jack the Pumpkasaur to Isle Abeens with 30 Pokébeans
Sending Rose the Roselia and Brig the Skorupi to Isle Aplenny with 10 Pokébeans
Sending Doom the Absol and Blackbeard the Chatot to Isle Aphun with 20 Pokébeans
Sending Kong the Slaking and Wattson the Magnemite to Isle Evelup with 10 Pokébeans
Sending Sterope the Rapidash and Greycoat the Elgyem to Isle Avue with 10 Pokébeans


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