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It's a rather quiet walk as the somewhat confused group make their way to the Pokemon Center, but with the escort of the two officers things move pretty quickly. The officers tip their hats as they arrive before one picks their radio from their belt and begins to walk off.

"Just wait here and Ryo will be by as soon as his shift is over." The second officer nods toward the Center before promptly propping himself up on the wall outside the doors.

Clearly excited, Rai rushes inside, shortly followed by Francis and Orlando. The nurse behind the counter welcomes the group with a smile. "Oh, is this the boy everyone's so excited about? It's good to meet you." She cheerily sings out as she leans down to look at Rai before standing back up straight to address. "I'll gladly take care of your Pokemon while you wait, I'm sure it was a long way to get here."

The group sits as their Pokemon are taken care of, Rai fidgeting the entire time. The wait isn't overly long, only about ten minutes or so, before another officer walks through the doors with a tremendous grin on his face, opening his arms wide to greet Rai as he immediately runs up to him for a brief hug.

"Uncle Ryo!" The boy shouts, "I didn't know you were an officer!"

The man shrugs at the comment, "It's a recent thing. And look at you, you've shot up a solid foot since I've last seen you." Glancing over at Orlando and Francis he transitions, "And you would be the ones that helped get Rai all the way here. Thank you so much."

"Actually..." Francis speaks up, "I just met up with them down in New Bark, I was headed this way anyway."

"Oh, well thanks anyway for helping them along the final stretch." Ryo reaches out and hands Francis a small bit of cash before turning to Orlando. "I think you've more than earned this." Smiling, he places Ľ5000 into Orlando's hand.

It's at this time that the nurse returns, Max and Lily running up to Orlando from the gate with Francis' Numel slowly trotting behind, while Reena is placed on the counter by the nurse, waiting to be picked up.

"Oh! You have a Pikachu!" Ryo exclaims, lightly rubbing the top of Lily's head for a moment. "You know, I think with everything you do, I should arrange an extra reward for you." He pauses for a moment. "I have to get Rai here home and situated, but I'll make a call to the Violet Gym, make sure you stop by there before you leave and they'll help you out with a little surprise." Nodding, he places his hand on Rai's shoulder and begins leading him out the door.

"Thanks for your help!" The boy gleefully shouts, waving as they exit the Pokemon Center.

Sighing, Francis stands from where he was seated. "...I should probably be going too. I'm sure there are other kids I need to escort, and it's going to be a lot harder without Robert around..." Another sigh escapes his lungs before he holds out his PokeGear and begins transmitting a quick signal to Orlando's own device. "Here's my number. If you ever need my help with any kids or anything, just give me a ring." A halfhearted pat on the shoulder follows before he begins his way out the door. "Good luck out there."
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