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Current Adventure Companions

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Appearance: Thin, curvy and a little vuluptuous with a mane of bright red hair, Ashaya dresses to complement her figure, often wearing what can only be described as tight-fitting and revealing robes (though she has sinced changed her outfit to a more normal sky blue t-shirt and khakis). She's roughly moderate height for her age and gender, with sharp features that give off a certain intensity.
Personality: Ashaya is boustrous and dramatic with an iron will, but with a bit of a temper lurking underneath. She has a dry wit and a sharp tongue, which she often can uses to get herself in trouble, often using her sarcastic quips and jabs as means of projecting a defiant attitude that hides her slight lack of self-confidence. She's rather chatty and is eager to meet just about anyone with a quick, cutting word. Though she can be rather aggressive to her enemies, she is intensely loyal to her friends (though her reflex to jab and taunt only worsens as she warms up to them), and holds a nurturing side that she tries her best to hide.
Backstory/History: Ashaya is a member of a ring of smugglers active mostly in Western and Southern Kanto, which, while nameless, are known by the fact that each member goes by a name that starts with a different letter of the alphabet. While she rarely confesses much about her past, she has admitted to resorting to a life of crime out of a desire for money, likely due to a rough upbringing in the wake of the Disasters. However, after the events of her encounter and capture at the hands of Kael in Azalea, she has sworn off a life of crime, now, semi-forcibly traveling with the mysterious ruin-seeker until he can figure out what to do with her.

Species: Pikachu
Gender: Female
Level: 6
Ball: Pokeball
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Static
Biography: Katya was found lost in the Tin Tower, being attacked by a group of aggressive wild Rattata. Kael and Brother Suzuki managed to fight off the Rattata, saving the injured rodent. Ashaya took it upon herself to make sure the Pikachu was taken care of, quickly bonding with the mouse. Not long after the Pikachu was healed, she decided that she would become Ashaya's first real, legally obtained Pokémon.
EM Disarming Voice
-- Tail Whip
-- Thunder Shock
05 Growl


Gender: Female
Age: 21
Appearance: Bethany stands up and pulls down her hood. A long ponytail of black hair flips out, revealing a sardonic face of freckles and full lips. Her small nose gives you the impression of a jacket button. She emblazons a crooked smirk which is simultaneously smug and cheeky. She wears a tight-fitting black robe which does nothing to hide her jaunty hips and snug chest. (Jeri Edit: She's recently changed to a more conservative pink tank-top and khaki pants)
Personality: Although she tries her best to come off as cold yet sassy, Bethany is in reality a little bit cowardly, using an air of arrogance to hide her fear. Having joined a rather powerful smuggling ring, she has developed quite a tongue and a bit of an aggressive side to try to keep up with her cohorts. However, once she finds herself overwhelmed, she's prone to crumbling, her timidness often rearing its ugly face. That said, she does have a genuinely sharp tongue and while not quite as ambitious or outwardly confident as her friend Ashaya, she can be just as scathing.
Backstory/History: Bethany has not communicated much about her past, though she was previously a high ranking member of a mysterious alphabet-themed smuggling ring. Having become rather adept at theiving Pokémon from under their trainers' noses, she became notorious throughout much of southern and western Johto for swiping innocent Pokémon from their homes, even once managing to steal the Ecruteak Gym Leader's prized Florges. However, after her plans were foiled by Kael in Azalea, she fled north only to lose her valuable steal and find herself trapped in the Burnt Tower. Although now she has somewhat begrudgingly renounced her life of crime, she still secretly lusts after powerful Pokémon...

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