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Let's play with some of these toys

Selena: Sandslash Lv 1 (F)
Sig: Special Attack: Lunar Blade (FA)
Selena slashes with a flurry of Fairy energy-coated blades at the foe. This attack does considerable damage for significant energy. Any defensive boosts the foe has are negated for this attack (this does not carry over, it only affects this move. It also does not negate things such as sigs or SCs that reduce the damage from Fairy-typed damage specifically, such as a Hitmonchan's sig that makes it take neutral damage from Fairy moves). She can use this twice per battle. She loses access to Seismic Toss and Night Slash.

Aurora: Flygon Lv 2 (F) (uplevel)
Hidden Power Fighting
Sig: Special Training: The Cold Never Terrible Memed Me Anyway
Aurora has gone from having a 3x weakness to Ice to taking neutral damage from the type. However, she has lost her immunity to Electric, taking neutral damage from the type. This has also left her with a 2x weakness to Bug, however.

Hero: Heatmor Lv 1 (M)
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Steam Healer (WA)
Hero uses heavy Water energy to shoot a plume of steam from his mouth or tail at the foe. This deals heavy Water damage to the foe. It restores 75% of damage dealt back to his own health. As a drain, it is subject to the diminishing returns of all drain moves. However, he loses access to Superpower and Belch. He can use this move twice per battle.

Scarlet Rain: Alolan Golem Lv 1 (M) (Red)
Hidden Power Bug

Dugthreesome: Alolan Dugtrio Lv 1 (Male, Male, and Male)
Hidden Power Electric

Marvell: Espeon Lv 1 (F)
Sig: Special Attack: Burning Resolve (NO)
Using solid energy, Marvell creates a wave of energy and shoots it at the foe. This deals good damage and carries a 30% chance to cause burns. While a Normal-typed move, as an Espeon, she will also be able to use it in a Psychic variant. However, she does not want to be slowed down, so she has lost access to Curse.

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