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Round 3 - Incredible power

Drifty watches The Flea as he continues to circle the Blimp Pokemon. Trying to force it to close the distance, Drifty decides to draw it close with ranged attacks, again gathers a large amount of wind to surround her. Like in a previous round, the wind clusters into small clumps around her quite fast, and Drifty launches the attack at The Flea. The Flea does his best to gracefully fly around it, but without the momentum of having just leaped from the cliff, he gets hit by more of the air pockets this time, though he does manage to evade part of the attack, but still feels some pain as he goes for his own attack. Because he never gets tired of sounding his battle cry, once again The Flea squawks with indignation, his sounding cry once more turning into violet sound waves which strike the purple Pokemon for some more damage. Unlike the bast two strike, however, Drify notices that The Flea has stopped circling her and has started to approach!

Drifty watches as The Flea glides in at high speed, and grins in anticipation. She wanted The Flea to come in close like his luchador instincts would have them in order to unleash her special technique. Drifty noticed the shiny glint of metal attached to The Flea's chest, increasing his flight strength and mobility, and knows that her technique will do more damage because she does not wield a token to match The Flea. Glowing with bright white energy, The Flea recognizes the attack as one of his key attacks in a different format, where all he'd do is hide behind a Substitute and Dance around before kicking things to death, and he knows that the move will gain a substantial power increase due to this item disparity. Indeed, the aura around Drifty glows even brighter, indicating that the damage of the attack has increased fro a mere solid to...considerable....wait.
Acrobatics (FL) -- The user uses a burst of energy to rush at a high speed, darting back and forth over them and striking it with each pass by raking it with claws, talons or beak. This attack deals solid damage for solid energy. If the target has an attached item and the user does not, this move deals considerable damage.
...Seriously? That's it? It increases the power of the move by quite literally the smallest amount possible. One of the more situational conditions for it to trigger such a pathetic increase in damage is, well, pathetic. Good job guys. Drifty lunges at The Flea, striking him much harder for having an item while she did not. Drifty's sudden speed and her attack make it incredibly difficult for THe Flea to dodge anything, and he takes most of the attack full on, with the energy surrounding Drifty making the attack become super effective as The Flea winces in pain, having been pushed down to a lower altitude but almost perfectly below the purple Pokemon. The Flea doesn't just glide around, however, making up the lost altitude while his fist surges with electrical energy. The electricity cackles around his fist as The Flea drives it into Drifty's underside, but the Driftblim has enough time to successfully shift her body state, the punch passing through her temporarily ethereal body as she winces in pain, the energy from the punch still dealing a portion of the damage as The Flea completely passes through Drifty and ends up almost directly in front of her when suddenly he has a sugar crash! He'll feel that for all of next round for sure.

Drifty catches up on health this turn, putting her about even with The Flea, but The Flea is losing the energy race now. He'll also have to deal with his sugar crash the following round. Both are good for two.
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Squad Summary

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