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Round 2 - Attack of the clones

Knowing the disadvantage he's in, The Flea opts for a more tricky type of approach. Drifty watches as one Hawlucha suddenly becomes seven, which all start to space out as the glide around Drifty. Getting really flustered by the significantly increased amount of enemies, Drafty again summons the powers of the winds to aid her, tainting them with the same spiritual energy she last round. What she does differently is letting the air spread out and expand, lose the power of focus but gaining a much wider area of coverage, wide enough that she manages to blast through four of the The Flea copies. True to his fame, however, Apollo's real Pokemon does not get hit, and the three remaining Hawlucha glide along as Drifty huffs in annoyance.

The Fleas grin, Drifty still not know the which The Flea is the real deal. Preparing his next attack, more energy gathers in his mouth as he releases another loud cry, sends sound waves of pain at Drifty. Unfortunately, The Flea looks back to see his clones having disappeared, for using an attack not of his type caused all the fakes to fizzle out. However, it seems Drifty also had a blunder in her orders, as she waits for The Flea to get close which he has no reason to do, and the round ends there.

Drifty took the only damage pulls her slightly behind on health, but she is now fresher than the Flea, who can still go for two, after her unexpected one-mover.
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