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Round 1 - El Blimpe

On opposing ends of the canyon, the two battlers greet each other, wishing the other well before they get down to business. Apollo has the first pick in Pokemon, selecting a Pokeball from his belt and tossing it onto the field in a white flash. Apollo's fighter takes shape, a small, masked humanoid creature, yet with an obvious feathery down lining his arms. It's The Flea the Hawlucha! dirkac grins, making his selection before too long, and send it out into the air above the canyon. The figure takes a near perfect round shape, except with a white cloud-like protrusion on the top and four yellow limbs hanging from the bottom, making it clear that it is Drifty the Driftblim! Let it be known I laughed a lot at that nickname. Without further ado, the battlers get underway.

Drifty makes the first move, graciously floating in place while a white-ish energy gathers around her body. The energy quickly forms into small bullets of energy, swirling around her in a oddly menacing fashion. Drifty fires her attack, as The Flea springs into action. Using his strong legs and early sugar rush, The Flea strafes past a good portion of the attack, some of it clipping his legs and throwing his balance off for a bit, but he manages to straighten himself out as he uses his own attack. The Flea unleashes a great battle cry, the noise taking a purple form as it bellows from The Flea, striking the Drifblim full on for a bit of damage.

Now gliding through the air, Drifty takes the opportunity as a fierce wind stirs up around her. Laced in this wind is a ghastly purple energy, causing the attack to become her primary type, but before she fires, The Flea intercepts her with a message. Shouting at Drifty as he glides, The Flea quotes the next great philosopher from our generation:

Drifty becomes so distraught with cancer revelation after reading that that her special attack power decreases, and she releases the ghostly wind prematurely, striking The Flea not quite as hard as it could have, although the winds do blow him farther away from Drifty.

The Flea took more damage, but not by a large amount, while he leads in energy department, also by a small amount. Drifty's special attack will be reduced for another few rounds.
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