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Originally Posted by kawaiiconcept View Post
trading my three candies
to electric blue eye
for their three pokemon
*trade started*
Trading my Lv.1 Female Ledyba, Lv.1 Genderless Carbink and Lv.1 Female Pachirisu to kawaiiconcept for x3 Rare Candies, thanks and enjoy.

Trade Closed

Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
Trading this Glitter Shard and this Silver Shard to Electric Blue Eye for a Lv.1 Duskull and a Lv.1 Purrloin, thanks.

*Trade Commenced*
Trading my Lv.1 Female Purrloin and Lv.1 Female Duskull to Rotom310 for their x1 Glitter Shard and x1 Silver Shard, thanks and enjoy.

Trade Closed
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