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lol what's a flier Good luck dirkac, thanks for reffing roto, let's see if I have the mons to actually do this

Stealthy: Level 3 Male Glalie
Bio: Stealthy the Glalie was named after ASB’s resident mystery-alt after he displayed lots of like-minded behavior including but not limited to sharp wit, stinging sarcasm, an insatiable ego, and most importantly, the ability to make fun of Connor at every opportunity. (You’d think that he wouldn’t push Connor so far, the Emboar having the capability to roast him at any time.) Stealthy, of course, is good-natured and despite his caustic tongue means well. But one could wonder what would happen if he were to use his abilities for a more sinister purpose. The answer? Severe emotional trauma.

Signature Move: Special Attack – Snark Shot (Ice)
Using significant energy, Stealthy utterly humiliates his opponent with ice-cold intensity. The sheer force of his words deals considerable damage, and added effects go as follows:
60% chance that the opponent will be left with a sick burn of shame, as well as an actual, fiery burn on their face
30% chance that the opponent will be unable to understand Stealthy's superior wit and will be left with confusion
10% chance that the opponent is unfazed by Stealthy's remark and no status is inflicted.
To avoid serious psychological damage, this attack can only be used three times.
Hidden Power Type: Psychic

Sentinel: Level 3 Female Malamar
Bio: Sentinels are a killing machine designed for one thing: Search and Destroy. They were built to find ships remnant of Zion and eliminate them, plain and simple. I noticed my Inkay swimming one day, tearing through the water at high speed chasing Olympia, and I thought of these Sentinels, that do very much resemble squids. I also noticed how Inkay seemed perfectly equipped to take down Olympia, shocking her with Thunderbolt to deal lots of damage. Inkay was just like a Sentinel, able to take out its target with extreme precision. Rather, she would be, with a little training. Sentinel had the problem of not having a lot of electrical energy at her disposal to do so, plus she took recoil damage herself trying to use electricity underwater. So, I got Wyre to help her out a bit, and from this training Sentinel become much more experienced with her electricity. She was now a master of underwater Search and Destroy.

Signature Move: Special Training - Ship Killer (Electric)
Sentinel is now familiar with the Electric type, and has gained access to Parabolic Charge, Charge Beam, and Shock Wave. She also does not take recoil damage when using Electric moves underwater. Sentinel can no longer use Rock Slide, Hypnosis, or Swagger.
Hidden Power Type: Poison

The Flea: Level 3 Male Hawlucha
Bio: The Flea is a mighty luchador who has a complete and utter disregard for personal hygiene. He is often underestimated for his youth and...filthiness, but he simply takes all his opponents down with his special takedown maneuvers, which often involve farting and dirt. However, underneath this thick layer of dirt The Flea holds something very dear to him: donuts. The Flea's parents run the Slammin' Donuts shop where he eats donuts every single day. They're his fighting fuel, and naturally I couldn't take that away from him. Instead, I make sure The Flea gets his donuts before every match, and it makes him that much better.

Signature Move: Special Training- DONUTS!
When the Flea enters battle, he still has the sugar from donuts in his system, and thus for 3 rounds gets a boost to his speed akin to Long-Term Agility and an attack boost akin to Howl. The sugar in his system requires decent energy to get going. The round immediately after the boost fades, The Flea has a sugar crash, and has these stat boosts reversed for that round only.
Hidden Power Type: Ground
Item: Birdkeeper's Token

Teehee: Level 3 Female Chandelure
Bio: Teehee is a playful and mischievous soul, one whom you’ll often find giggling with delight after having pulled off some kind of prank. Many know the Chandelure line to be a rather malicious lot, consuming spirits and burning them in their eerie flames. Teehee is nothing like the rest of her species; she can, however, put on quite the act. Making it appear one’s soul has been extinguished, Teehee can induce quite the sense of panic in her victims before giving it away with her rapturous laughter that she’s done nothing of the sort. Despite this terrifying prank, Teehee is well-loved among my squad for always cheering everyone up with her much less morbid humor. So I decided to help her work on a lovely technique to prank the hell out of her enemies.

Signature Move: Special Attack - GIANT LAZER (Ghost / Fire)
Teehee concentrates all of her flame in spot and fires a very destructive looking giant laser beam. This beam is about the size of a fully charged hyper beam but only requires significant energy and deals significant damage. Upon being struck, the opponent is intimidated by the huge beam and has a bit of lingering fear for the next 2 or 3 rounds, depending on the foe’s freshness/mental state. This “fear” makes the foe slightly slower to act and counts as a status for the purposes of Hex. Teehee can use either Ghost energy or Fire energy for this attack to deal damage of that type. Teehee can only use this attack twice per battle.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting

Cumulus: Level 4 Female Swablu (uplevel)
Bio: Cumulus is a calm, serene Pokemon who would much rather avoid conflict. She loves music and has a beautiful singing voice. It wasn't by sight that I first encountered Cumulus; rather, it was by the sound of her voice. It was a very cloudy day that day, and I really couldn't notice her among the clouds, but I heard her voice sing beautifully in the still air. Only through further inspection did I find Cumulus was the one responsible for the music. Not only were the cloudy conditions ideal camouflage, but also made her song stand out amidst the atmosphere. So entranced was I by her captivating melody that I added her to my team on the spot. Being a music lover myself, I dedicated a lot of time to training with Cumulus so that she had plenty of songs to sing. Eventually, she found her true voice, hidden in her dragon ancestry from ages ago.

Signature Move: Special Attack - Song of Eternity (Dragon)
Cumulus sings out an ancient melody, the soundwaves ringing out towards the opponent to deal significant damage for equivalent energy. The attack also has a 15% chance to slightly lower the opponent’s Attack and Special Attack for 3 rounds.
Hidden Power Type: Fighting
Item: Altarite

Mizuki: Level 3 Female Clefairy
Bio: Mizuki is smart, kind, and beautiful, but very shy and timid. Because she appears vulnerable, everyone on the team is always helping her out, even when she doesn't really want it. Mizuki has a bit of a crush on Akihisa, but he's way too oblivious to notice. She also gets very jealous when Akihisa shows any bit of affection to Minami or Hideyoshi, or even when he's caught in a homosexually suggestive mishap with Yuuji. To show her affection to Akihisa or even just to do something nice for the guys, Mizuki likes to make them food. Problem is, she's an awful cook, and eating her food can have some particularly nasty side effects. Upon constant pleading from Akihisa, I managed to convince her that she was better off using her cooking skills as a nice gesture to her opponents before she beat their faces in.

Signature Move: Special Attack- Jello Surprise (Poison)
Using considerable energy, Mizuki makes an energy construct similar in properties to her homemade Jello. But seeing as it's made with things like fish, scallions, mustard, and ginger, it has some lethal effects. Mizuki launches the energy construct at the opponent, dealing considerable damage. It also has a 20% chance to either poison the opponent or paralyze the opponent. This chance is doubled if the attack is somehow ingested.
Hidden Power Type: Ground

Guess I'll lead with THE FLEA
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