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UPN PASBL: Dirkac vs. Apollo77

Welcome back to Roto's reffing service, doing his best to get this match over before that dank bonus ends. It probably won't happen unless i'm lucky. Regardless, let's looks at the stats:
Originally Posted by Battle Bois
Dirkac (c) vs. Apollo77 (a)
Equiall 3
48 HR DQ
Arena: Crags of Lament
The Crags of Lament take place on a couple of peaks and plateaus that tower over a deep, vast valley below. There are many ridges on the edges of these peaks for Pokémon to have a foothold, but overall the surface area of these peaks and usable ground is small. The peaks are situated above a very thick fog in the canyon. Though battles can progress down into the fog, the battle starts and generally will take place in the clear air. If a battler says there is an outcrop somewhere, it is there.
One one side of the feild, we've got dirkac, known for their incredible skill with a kkeyboard when typing orders and for liking surskit. On the other, we've got Apollo, Fighting GL and relatively well known battler. Without further ado, dirkac post your squad pls
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Squad Summary

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