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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
....and all through the house, nothing was stirring.
Not even a mouse.
the bottles still clanged.
the fireworks still boomed.
and big boy Arnie was hungover after an evening of Grouse.

He stumbled out of bed,
and let out a cry.
"Another year over and damn did time fly."

He looked at his cupboard, and what did he see.
A goodie bag selection, for you and for me.

he handed them out, to the people layed out,
one boy said "Wow, this stuff looks great."
Arni smiled brightly and grabbed another beer.
"take your crap and get out, I want to sleep till next year."

It's another year gone folks and heres what is here for you, a choice of some more rhyming bleh.

Heres one:
which includes:
x1 2017 New Year Ball
x1 2017 NEw Year Popper which when popped over one of your pokemon the magical streamers will grant +2 levels to said Pokemon
x3 Rare Candies
x4 Mysterious Gummi's
x3 Qualot Berry

and your choice of ONE New Cyber Ball

Claiming the above, will utilise popper tomorrow.
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