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x3 Potion
x1 Revive

x6 Pokeballs

Berry Pouch
x2 Oran
x2 Cheri
x2 Chesto
x2 Pecha
x2 Rawst
x2 Aspear

x1 Escape Rope

x2 Retro Mail

TM Case

Key Items
Fishing Pole

Jeri Co. Giveaways (Waiting to be Claimed)
x2 Star Shard
x1 Rainbow Pass
x1 Quick Claw
x3 Rare Candy
x2 Egg Candy
x2 Enigmatic Candy

Trade - to Send
x1 Enigmatic Candy
x1 Energy Core from Evo Item IOU

Trade - to Pick Up
x1 Rare Candy
x1 Egg Candy
x2 Star Shards
x1 Dive Ball


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