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Round 1: The Begining

Two trainers walk into the clay arena a well used range of clay appears before them. Their referee full from the festivities appears and signals them to reveal their squads which will all be fighting today.

Kawaiiconcept chooses to lead with Serena the Ralts while Kyuu leads with Zhen Naoi the Mienfoo!

Mienfoo (Fighting): Mienfoo train in conducting long strings of attacks, able to perform consecutive attacks with great ease. Attacks that score multiple hits will be harder to interrupt and get in additional hits and attacks that are combined or can be used in quick succession will be more likely to succeed. They are skilled jumpers and are less likely to injure themselves than other Pokémon.

[Fighting]: Fighting-type Pokémon train extensively, more than any other Pokémon type, giving them greater endurance and readiness than other Pokémon and allowing them to push themselves harder for longer. They are more accurate with their physical blows and more adept at blocking and countering physical attacks, able to do this against most physical assaults. Being physically powerful, they can lift much more than normal Pokémon, though this does not grant them an attack boost. They fight more enthusiastically in urban environments but are not adversely affected by more natural surroundings.


Ralts (Psychic/Fairy): Ralts's empathic abilities make them very in touch with their opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy.

[Psychic]: Psychic-type Pokémon are much more proficient with telekinesis than other Pokémon. Thus, they can use Psychic to move and manipulate targets with ease. Psychic type Pokémon are resistant to flinching, having higher levels of focus and concentration than other Pokémon. They are resistant to attacks which induce confusion or other mental effects. They have limited ability to read minds and are thus more adept at dodging attacks than might be expected and able to mitigate the effects of accuracy reducing attacks. This extends to GMs, where they will have a slightly better impression of Pokémon within their vicinity. Their Psychic support moves (such as Gravity and Magic Room) cost slightly less energy.

[Fairy]: Fairy-types are generally pure hearted and gregarious. They prefer natural environments and will fight more enthusiastically in them, but they will not be off put by urban environments. Any attack used by a Fairy-type which manipulates the environment is slightly more effective owing to the magical energies involved and attacks which boost allied Pokémon is slightly more effective at providing a buff. They are immune to the damaging effects of Dragon-typed energy.
The two pokemon appear with flashes of light within the arena, a whistle is blown and the two jump into action. Serena begins to gather some psychic energy intending on starting off this match with a quick super effective onslaught on Zhen, however the quick fighting typed pokemon darts forwards and fakes out Serena whom is caught off guard by the attack and ends up flinching. She stumbs back a little from the attack losing the psychic energy she had stored up for her attack.

In frustration she begins to shake rapidly before splitting into numerous copies of herself which appear around Zhen whom looks around at the 4 ralts' surrounding him opting to attack the on to his right Zhen gathers poison energy into his fist and jabs it at one of them. Luckily for him it was the real serena striking her for super effective poison damage as she cries out in pain causing her clones to dispel due to being hit by the attack. She stands back up and backs away slowly.

Zhen went unharmed and has enough poison for one more jab. Serena took a strong hit and is progressing through her first third quickly. Both are good for two.

Kawaii, you get to use 2 moves per round, although after a while your pokemon will need a break, i will signal to this int he summary. Also in ASB you get 3 movers while can be used. In a 6v6 you get 2 3-move rounds.

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