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Delibird The Festive Season is upon us and once again (Christmas 2016)

Hear Ye, hear Ye, upon this day, the snow began to fall, unfortunately this day, the snowflakes fell upon the ground, piercing it hard and fast.

As well, a man, walked the grounds, mystical as he may be and collected these flakes into a ball.

Upon day three, this man emerged, with this . Snow globe, containing one tiny Vanillite, a item for a young trainer to hold. Upon possession of this, it will teach one of your Pokemon a unique ability.

Frosted Flake Fall
(Ice Type)
Upon activation, the Pokemon summons a hail of razor sharp snowflakes, like its counterpart Hail, this fall of snowflakes last up to 5 turns, upon the end of each round the opponent takes damage from the flakes, a 10% more damage output than Hail due to the sharpness of the flakes.
Contest Category: Cool
Contest Effect: Makes the next two Pokémon to appeal nervous.
Appeal Points: <3 <3 <3
Jam Points: <3
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