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Hey guys, it's the holiday season, so Merry Christmas from all the LOs! We've got lots of nice treats and giveaways for you this year as a big thanks for being part of our community! Without further ado, here's what's on offer this year:

Firstly, until 11:59PM New Years Day (GMT), you may purchase any of the Christmas special tokens! That's right, the Bugcatcher's, Sculptor's and Candymaker's Tokens are all on sale for the standard price of 10 SP!

Alternatively to the above offer, you may purchase up to three Mega Stones at half the normal price. This means you may purchase three Mega Stones at 10 SP apiece, but if you may not mix and match Tokens and Mega Stones - it's one or the offer with these deals!

What's more, for the next two weeks, there's 50% off the cost of all Legend Matches (any type) and squad slots. You can purchase one Legend Match and/or one pack of slots at a discounted price.

Finally, since it's a special Holiday, we're going to be awarding an additional 2 SP for all matches which finish within the next 2 weeks. This will stack with all your other bonuses, so get refereeing!

Happy Holidays!
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