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"Marv?" said Keith, sounding remarkably calm, especially considering the situation. "Marv, now, I know you're excited to see them again. But lemme ask you something- have I ever, even just once, been opposed to the idea of you getting to see your family?"

"Not so much, no," conceded Marvolo.

"See, that's what I thought," stated Keith. "And, uh, if I may, a little follow-up question- doesn't Salazar move just as fast as you do?"

"I suppose so," the Seviper nodded.

"So essentially, me riding Salazar would get us to Hyrem's base at a speed that you yourself would be agreeable with, then?" asked Keith.

"One might say that," said Marvolo.

"I see," said Keith. "So, with all that in mind... Marvolo, why in the Distortion World are you DRAGGING ME ALONG THE GROUND?!?!"

Indeed, this entire conversation had taken place while Marvolo was determinedly making his way towards the Secret Base of Hyrem, a friend of Keith's, and more to the point, the Trainer who owned a pair of Seviper Marvolo was proud to call his family- his beloved Amethyst and their daughter Kinana. And Marvolo wasn't alone, of course, he had Wrapped his coils around one of the legs of one Keith Masters, a rather proficient Poison-type Trainer, and was dragging him along for the ride, whether he liked it or not. Of course, Keith had no objection to coming along, with Hyrem being a friend of his- his objections lay solely in Marvolo's preferred means of transportation. Thankfully, he was not in danger of harm- Helena, one of Keith's Banette, had been present when Marvolo set off, and she was using Psychic to hold Keith aloft as Marvolo sped off, ensuring that he was not at any point actually dragged along the ground.

"Because you didn't have Salazar on hand when I wanted to leave," Marvolo said simply. "You know that when I want to leave, we leave, and no later!"

"It would have taken me all of two seconds to get his Poké Ball out of the PC and send him out," retorted Keith. "And I would've had Salazar use Agility to make up for any lost time. Look, Marv, I'm not gonna be too hard on you about this- at least not this time, anyway. But just bear in mind the things I said for next time, that's all I ask."

"Fine, fine," Marvolo stated. He couldn't be bothered to argue the point much longer- Hyrem's Secret Base was coming into view.

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