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Winter's Peak! The Harvester and the Angel!

{Just a little something I wanted to post that's separate from the current base storylines...I say "current", but the stuff above has gone a whole year without being resolved, so feel free to make a new visit if you want!}

The chill seemed like it grew to its height, at least as high as Hyrem felt like it could possibly go in Cortoza as nighttime had completely fallen on the base, the moon full and high in the sky. Not all of his Pokemon that would normally be outside were there to greet him when he approached the door, namely the large Grass-types and Dragon-types (and Aisa) that were hardly a fan of the cold and who were either too big to fit through the door and were instead kept cozy inside their respective Pokeballs or were small enough to be inside where they could be out and about to their heart’s content and still stay warm. Those who were outside to see him were Brittany, who had recently had her fill of birthday gifts, Kenna, whose fiery mane was burning with less intensity than usual as she kept some of her heat on internal reserve, and Kilogram, always vigilant and had a protective, metal coating to help him resist the cold. After allowing Brittany to blow raspberries in his face and revealing to Kenna the spicy cinnamon candy he hid in his pocket, he opened the door only to have his furrier Pokemon, led by Laika, knock him down to the ground and give him various amounts of licks and nuzzles before he was allowed inside.

Heading downstairs, another “ambush” awaited, this one full of scales, coils, and wet skin as his other Pokemon greeted him in a similar way to the Pokemon upstairs, until he finally got to the pool where Delilah, Nami, and the other Water Pokemon would normally stay. Instead, at the edge of the pool were two of Hyrem’s most beloved Pokemon, Sera and Ulysses, sitting next to each other, their feet dipping into the pool as they were talking before noticing their trainer, the Kirlia standing up and the Frillish floating off the ground. “Well, you two seem to be enjoying yourselves!” he commented before touching both of their faces. “Kir kirlia!” Sera gave a gentle cry of measured joy, while Ulysses giggled a bit at the touch. “Okay everyone! You know what tomorrow is, so let’s get ready for another round of gifts by getting a good night’s sleep-”

He could barely finish before he started wobbling, which caused concern in most of the team who were watching. “Uh...I need to...get to bed too...before…” And with that, what seemed to be exhaustion overtook him as his body toppled into the water. Thankfully, Nami was there to lift him out, though he was heavier this time than the Lapras was used to, and she made this known to her teammates. Sera began to scan her trainer’s mind like she always did, but this time she could find nothing. ...As in, not a single thing in his mind, as if it had...shut down. Her moderate level of concern soon rose drasticly, and she began scanning his aura until she found a dark presence in that looked back.

A presence...with eyes.


Everything felt cold. Wet. Slow. And underneath his prone body...coarseness. All of these sensations were familiar, they reminded of dark times in a dome deep underwater with eyes everywhere on the inside. Only this time, it felt more open, no building surrounding Hyrem, just open water in every direction except below him, the sand absorbing his touch as he felt it on the floor around him. Then, a voice, just as familiar, also coming from everywhere at once and resonating throughout the water and his body:

Now is the time...the barriers between life and death are at their thinnest...I will rise again!!

“You!?” Hyrem was shocked to hear the voice of the Harvester of Eyes as he recognized it, and it was at this moment that he opened his own eyes. Looming over his body was a Mantine, but not a costume. This one looked real...and gigantic, about 2-3 times his own size. Where its appearance grew grotesque were the openings throughout its body resembling empty eye sockets, just like the costume he met back in Phantom Isle. “You’re supposed to be dead!” he said to the Mantine. “And Ariel was supposed to take your place!”

She would make for a good substitute, the voice spoke as the Mantine lowered itself towards Hyrem’s prone body, presumably to pin him down. He tried to swim away, but he found himself weighed down into the sand, unable to move, unable to escape the smothering embrace of the mutated ray’s body as the voice spoke again: But the ideal host for a Harvester is a human...a living human~ His voice grew too muffled to speak, and all he could do was struggle feebly and listen to the monologue: You and those silly children took everything from me. EVERYTHING that I had worked I must start over. But start over I will...and I will use the flesh of my enemies to regain the power I once knew, and beyond!! And it all...starts...with you~

It was at this point that Hyrem noticed the abnormal Mantine’s lips positioned directly over his face, and he could barely see them open before his entire head was drawn into its mouth and sealed tightly around his neck. Instinctively, he closed his eyes since he figured that was what the Harvester was after, but the vacuum pressing against his face was intense, and he feared it was only a matter of time before the lids protecting his eyes would be forced open and the eyes popped out of their sockets. Worse still, his arms were too heavy to even move--particularly under the weight of the monster--much less be used to try and pry himself out. Above all, the most frightening part about it was that none of his Pokemon were around to help him out. Was this really the end? After going through so much to get away from the Harvester’s lair back in Phantom Isle, was it truly this impossible to escape her gaze?


The cries of the pained Harvester rang loud in his mind as the body of the Mantine jostled about, still able to hold his head in its mouth for a while until whatever pain it was in was too much to bear, at which point it spat his head out and he was able to see what was going on. A bright beam of what could best be described as pure moonlight was coursing through the monster’s body, while at the same time a strange blue light surrounded it as it was lifted completely off the trainer’s body. He looked to find the source of these attacks only to find a being surrounded by light, the details of the body too vague to describe. The voice, however, was unmistakeable: I have not met you before, but I know who you are. If I had the chance to face you when my master fought you, you would not have been so successful in invading his soul. However, this is the time for my powers to be at their full extent. You will not harm master in his mind or soul ever again, I will make sure of that!

And with that, a vortex appeared out of seemingly nowhere, drawing the abomination in. Grrrraaaaah, this isn’t over!! Tell your blue jellyfish friend that his sister is mine now, and I will return to end you and your precious friends once and for all!

“Just try it!!” shouted Hyrem, the weight lifted off his body so he was able to stand in whatever realm this was. “We’ll be ready, and we’ll make sure Ariel’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain!” One final shriek from the monster, and the vortex closed, shutting it out for good.


Hyrem soon awoke with a gasp and coughed out whatever water was in his lungs, sitting up at the edge of the pool and taking a while to catch his breath again. It was then that he heard the same voice echo in his mind: Master, are you alright?
“Who...who’s talking?” he asked, lifting his head up to see what was in front of him.

Next to Ulysses sat a beautiful creature that appeared much like a woman in a white dress except she had green hair and arms, red eyes, and red protrusions jutting out from her chest and back. “Is it...really you, Sera?” he asked again before taking out his Pokedex to register the new form his beloved partner had seemingly taken:

Gardevoir, the Embrace Pokemon, and the evolved form of Kirlia. A Pokemon with powerful psychic abilities, it uses these powers to levitate itself, move any object at will, and even predict the future. These powers are magnified once it has bonded with a trainer, and it will make its main purpose in life to protect that trainer. It has even been reported to create a black hole that banishes everything endangering its trainer to oblivion, but it does this only as a last resort.

He looked up again at the Gardevoir and heard the voice once more: Yes, it is me.

Tears formed in his eyes, and he could only look at her with pride at what she had become. “ did finally did it!” He soon hugged his Gardevoir which she returned while all the surrounding Pokemon cheered in relief that their trainer was still alive and that their leader had evolved (Amethyst merely smirked and hissed in acknowledgement, “It’s about time.”). Suddenly, Hyrem had to catch himself from collapsing once again. “Whew...I’m fine. We’ll have to see what kind of new powers you got later, Sera. Right now...I’m beat.”

“Merry Christmas, everyone.”
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