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The air in the cavern hangs heavy, humidity meeting intense temperature to create a dizzying mixture. The sticky sensation of the air only manages to add to the heady tension which has taken hold of the area, with two trainers standing off against one another. One framed by raging sea, the other by ferocious lava, the pair lock eyes and quickly conjure their first combatants into battle. Thudding down with a stalwart stance, Frieda wears a wide grin as her senses take hold and she easily locates the target, Dr. X erratically jutting his head through the air as he floats down over the lava.

Wasting no time, the movements of Dr. X become abruptly still as his eyes focus in on his foe, a mechanically unnerving titter escaping from his body as his systems kick into gear. Gathering energies, the Porygon creates a triad of spheres out of thin air, each shining with an intense aura. These constructs whirl around one another to create a single, flashing ring, before Dr. X projects a beam directly into the chest of his foe. Though she grimaces, Frieda bats barely an eyelid, and opens her mouth wide to retaliate. Spewing forth a faint mist of turquoise flame, she chuckles as it washes over Dr. X, leaving the Porygon shuddering with his typical, frenzied movements. He soon manages to take control of his faculties once again though, focusing on Frieda. Taking a moment to decide on the best course of action, he once again creates a whining ring of energy, flashing a spiraling beam into the body of Frieda, but this time the Goodra guffaws despite the pain. Opening her arms wide, she creates a small sphere of dark blue energy which abruptly bursts into a much larger, distinctly dangerous orb. With a cry, Frieda hurls the mighty construct through the air, shrieking with laughter as it bursts over the body of Dr. X and sends him into a wild thrashing of pain.

Dr. X trailing by a ways already, creeping into his second third while Frieda remains in her first. Both pretty fresh, Frieda with about Rock Smash of Fighting remaining.
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