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This should be fun. Good luck EK, thanks to Connor for reffing.

Bringing the Metagrossite and the Buffer Badge and Reaper's Token; if you're gunning hard for a gym, I should be taking you seriously c;

Buffer Badge
The Buffer Badge is bestowed upon all those strong enough in both mind and body to overcome the Gym of Enlightenment. The badge itself is a translucent, blue pane of glass that rests atop a similarly translucent pink cube. Light refracts off of the badge when looked at from most angles, and the badge has a strange effect in that it will repel slightly from your hand, just barely grazing the palm rather than resting comfortably.
Badge Effect: Screen Enhancement
When the Buffer Badge is in use, the owner's Pokemon will all find themselves more adept at using the moves Reflect, Light Screen, and Barrier. Cubic Screens will last for an extra two rounds, while Pane Screens are now able to take an additional light amount of damage before shattering. All screens will also go up instantaneously, similar to the abilities of a Mr. Mime.
Pangari: Level 7 Female Gengar (Uplevel)
HP Bug
Reaper's Token Attached
Special Attack: SLAMDUNK!!! (GH)
Pangari conjures a basketball hoop tailored to the size of the opponent with Major Ghost energy as her hands rush out to grab the foe. Her hands move incredibly fast and will outspeed most attacks, even interrupting current attacks thanks to the sudden force of the grab. The hands will pick the opponent up, fly them through the air at an incredible speed, and then slam into the hoop, dunking the opponent through it and sending them crashing down to the ground below. This attack deals Major Ghost-Type damage. While Pangari is lifting her opponent for this attack, her opponent will feel no heavier to her than a Basketball, so this attack may be used on any Pokemon, even if Pangari would normally be unable to pick them up. This may be used, at most, three times in a a given battle.

Mercury: Level 6 Male Gallade
HP Fairy
Special Training: Don't Stop Me Now! [XX]
Mercury's Special Attacks hit Ghosts as though they're in the ethereal state, and his Physical Attacks hit Ghosts as though they're in the solid state. Mercury cannot use Thief, Shadow Sneak, Disarming Voice, Dazzling Gleam, Magical Leaf, Psyshock, and Secret Power, however.

Guildmaster: Level 6 Male Wigglytuff
HP Ground
Special Training: The Guildmaster's Rage (XX)
Guildmaster's damaging sound-based attacks deal x1.2 the damage they normal would. The effects of non-damaging sound attacks will be more potent, working as if all foes had sensitive hearing. Guildmaster never learned Hyper Beam, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and ThunderPunch.

Tartar Sauce: Level 6 Female Tyranitar
HP Bug
Type Change: Why does Rock suck so much? (DK)
Tartar Sauce is now a pure Dark-Type, with all weaknesses and resistances associated with that typing, though she retains a weakness to Grass-Type moves. She is now simply familiar with the Rock type, and has lost access to Stealth Rock, Rock Slide, Rock Tomb, and Rock Polish as a result of his type change. Her body is no longer filled with sand, disallowing him from generating his own Sandstorm attacks. She may no longer use the moves Whirlpool, Focus Blast, Earth Power, Dragon Pulse, and Iron Tail. This sig has no effects in the Larvitar and Pupitar stages.

Frieda: Level 6 Female Goodra
HP Ghost
Special Attack: Flash Bomb (NO)
Using Heavy energy, Frieda forms an orb and hurls it toward the opponent. Once nearby the opponent, it will explode, dealing Considerable damage and having a 20% chance to Burn, a 30% to Paralyze, and a 40% chance to Confuse the target. Only one status may occur at a time. Flash Bomb has a fairly sizable blast radius, making it difficult to dodge. This attack may be used three times in a given battle. Frieda cannot use Shock Wave, Focus Punch, Outrage, and Muddy Water.

Foo: Level 6 Genderless Metagross
HP Grass
Metagrossite Attached
Special Attack: Tactical Retreat (ST)
Using Heavy Steel energy, Foo slams one of his legs into the ground, creating a shock wave that will strike the opponent. This will drop both their physical and special defenses by one stage, though the attack deals no damage. This drop fades the same way any other would. Foo uses leftover energy to switch out for a teammate, even if the match is Switch = KO. Alternatively, Foo may use this attack directly on the opponent, rushing them and striking them directly, for the same effects. This is a rather fast attack and its therefore difficult to outpace. If the attack does not affect the opponent, Foo will still switch out, but the attack instead costs Major energy.


Edited b/c forgot to mention that Gengar has the reaper's token. EK okay'd this.

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