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Round 1: The Little Wishmaker

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by Jerichi
I thought I did this ages ago sorry.

"Mega Evolve, Iron Defense, Dark Pulse."
Originally Posted by Mystery Legend Controller
"A challenger? I suppose I had best fortify my Iron Defence, then perhaps a Water Pulse will do."

Clefable's crooning slowly comes to an end, the ephemeral tones having had a distinct effect on the surroundings. The crystals surrounding the cavern begin to glow with a pulsing light, their crystalline structures reacting in some manner to the sounds which had just reverberated through them. Gradually, the ghostly light shifting from them comes to a crescendo, and the entire area is bathed briefly in a blinding white light. Averting their gaze, Fetra and her trainer retreat to a safer distance, and as their eyesight returned to them, the sight before them was astonishing. Each of the crystals were shining with a virulent force, and the mythical Pokemon Jirachi was left hanging in the air. The aura of power radiating from the being was intense despite the half sleeping condition it was in, but that was soon to change. Where Fetra's song once hung gently in the air, now a shearing of rock and metal filled the cavern. The sounds were enough to wake Jirachi fully from it's slumber, and the small pixie blinks with shock as Lustre makes herself fully known. Thrusting her arms apart, she shrieks with a roar which shakes the cavern down to it's very foundations, and Jirachi becomes much more serious in this moment. It was David versus Goliath, and neither had any intention of being the one to succumb.

Not one to waste any time, Jirachi glares at its opponent through narrowed eyes, wanting to fortify its defensive properties before making an offensive push. The three talismans hanging from its head glow with a fine silver aura which soon spreads across the entire body of Jirachi, a faint grin coming across its face as it finds itself bolstered. With a demure shout, it turns back towards Lustre, and its grin falters. The Aggron was consumed by a whining aura of intense white light, the construct folding together to form a sphere around the body of Lustre. With an unbecoming roar, the air is split in two, cracks appearing across the surface of the orb surrounding the Aggron. Rainbow light spills from within before it shatters, revealing Lustre in a new form. With a gruff grunt of acknowledgement to her prey, the behemoth takes notes from her foe. Hunkering down, she focuses on her carapace, channeling a familiar silver light across the surface. As she finally rumbles into position, it is evident both powerhouses had strengthened their positions for the battle to come.

Knowing that ultimately, Lustre would not be felled by a display of defensive bedazzlement, Jirachi shifts through the air nimbly, spreading its arms wide as it moves. A faint cry builds within its throat as mystic energies come together, and a small speck of light light flickers into existence before it. Weak at first, the light soon takes hold, and a whirling orb stands before Jirachi. Waves dart across the surface of the construct, and Lustre huffs, well aware that this could be much more dangerous than it first appeared. With a shout, Jirachi flings the sphere through the air, chuckling as it bursts over the face of Lustre to shower the Aggron, but Goliath barely flinches. With another petrifying roar, the carapace of the Aggron becomes dyed in a perfect black, roiling energies bubbling to the surface to reveal the true hue of her character. Raising a vicious looking arm, Lustre brings it swinging through the air, projecting wave upon wave of the condensed evil forth. Jirachi can do little but grimace as the foul energies batter against his body, his pained groans doing little to deter the assault.

From his vantage, the trainer surveys the rounds happening. Lustre would likely be able to use one more Dark Pulse, and it was clear that the Aggron had a slight lead. With the battle still in it's infancy, both Pokemon were still clearly quite peppy to boot.

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