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Drifloon UPN PASBL: Eliteknight vs. Snorby

Eliteknight vs. Snorby
Turn order Preserved after KO Test
4 vs. 4
72 Hour DQ
Switch = OK
Equiall 6
Cave of Orgin
Spoiler: show
The Cave of Origin, the shrine to the clashing forces of land and sea, located deep below Sootopolis City. The shrine exists as a symbol of the constant battle between these forces, made even clearer by the clash that now exists within the cave itself. On one side, a flow of water cascades into the arena, meeting a floe of lava on the other, creating a significant stone platform in the center where the battlers fight. Both of these cascades have created small, shallow pools that can be used for fighting (though the magma has a Team Magma's forcefield over it to prevent accidents!) or used in moves.
Special test meant to see how something functions. Get your squads in and we'll get this underway.
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