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For those who care: how about that season so far? Ben Simmons' injury has not done the Sixers any favors, but Joel Embiid is making a strong case for Rookie of the Year. The Knicks are definitely not "superteam" level, but they're doing a lot better than people expected. The Warriors had a couple of early bumps, and the Kevin Durant memes are rampant every time that they lose, but for the majority of their games, they are every bit as dangerous on offense as people feared they would be, and their defense and bench depth are surprisingly effective. Russell Westbrook is having a monster season and is an early frontrunner for MVP. Though the Cleveland Cavaliers have not been as flashy and effective as the Warriors, they are quickly demonstrating their complete dominance in the East. The Celtics are rather disappointing, even considering their injury struggles, but Al Horford's performances when healthy and trade rumors surrounding Demarcus Cousins going to Boston have given fans like me hope.

Two teams that really surprise me, though, are the Houston Rockets and the Memphis Grizzlies. I suppose the Grizzlies shouldn't really surprise me, considering that John Hollinger of all people thinks that there's "something in the water" over there, but half of their starting line-up has struggled with injury all season, but then they go on to blow out the Warriors and maintain a respectable winning record. Mike Conley came back early from a BACK FRACTURE. In short, I believe that the Memphis Grizzlies management actually made deals with the devil.

As for the Rockets: my friend is a huge Rockets fan, and before the season began, he was raving about how good the Rockets were going to be. I was not convinced. The Rockets just came out of a 10 game winning streak and are arguably among the top 5 teams in the league right now in terms of their performance. Mike D'antoni is building a case for Coach of the Year, fixing James Harden's problems with defense and turnovers by doing something counter-productive at first glance: putting the ball in the Beard's hands more often. The shift for Harden from Shooting Guard to Point Guard is a subtle one, but has had dramatic implications for the Rockets. They have actually had the second best defense in the league this month.

also: Lou williams for Sixth man!

Anyway, let's talk:

How's your team doing after this first trimester or so? Who do you have for MVP, Sixth Man, Most Improved, Defensive POY, COY, and stuff? Can the Warriors be stopped? When will Phil Jackson stop?

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