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I really want to know what kind of timeframe we're looking at for reconsidering things before I make any sort of statement other than "No Alolan Muk is frankly way better than regular Muk, it deserves to be a TL6", considering we do not exactly have an amazing track record of changing acquisition levels in a timely manner.

Other than that the list Jeri gave looks fine to me. As for the other swing 'mon...

Lurantis is basically Leavanny with half the movepool and a better typing, there is really no reason this thing should ever need bumped up beyond TL2.

Passimian... I'm honestly inclined to say that even though it has a couple niche tricks, its movepool is nonexistant and you're better off picking up a Machop, let alone the obvious choice of Mankey. This thing should be TL2 at highest, even with its nice SC, and I have no idea why you would ever place it anywhere near TL4.

Golisopod is without a doubt a fence sitter for TL3/4. I'm inclined to say we should err on the side of fun and put it TL3, but this is with the obvious stipulation I stated for Alolan Muk where we'd have to have a reconsideration period that isn't completely terrible so it doesn't run rampant for too long if it does prove too much.
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