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Vikavolt - TL 4 OK

Araquanid is somewhat mediocre but Water/Bug is a really great type and it's SC gives it a Fire resistance. I think we can justify TL3.

Kommo-o is a high TL3 if we put it there (Clanging Scales is mediocre at best) but I think we can get away with keeping it there as long as there is an understanding that we will be reconsidering in light of 3rd version/remake tutors.

I'm on the fence about Alolan Muk - I'd rather do what Concept advises and see how it handles at TL5 and bump it up later. I'll discuss a little more with Connor before decisions are made.

Ribombee is another borderline case. It has a really nicely aggressive movepool and a fantastic signature move, as well as a pretty solid SC, but it really struggles to deal with its weaknesses. I say we put it at TL3 and see how it and Cutiefly do.

Toxapex is a proper turret 'mon, but I feel like while it could be dangerous in the right hands, it's going to be only okay with the average battler. We can move it to 3.

Alolan Ninetales is unfortunately not very good.

Mudsdale is a strange one - it has all the benefits of being a pure Ground type and can definitely use its weight to its advantage... but it's also decidedly mediocre moveset-wise. We can put it at 4 and reassess later - there are plenty of strong Water-types at TL4 that can trash it and it also probably has the unfortunate distinction of one of the few pure Grounds that can't do shit to Grasses.

Wimpod has a respectable TM list and while it's probably outclassed by Surskit (I didn't think I'd ever say that seriously) it's probably useable enough. We also gave it a pretty good SC, so they'll survive. (Also please note that Gyarados is TL5 now).

The starters all have really fantastic typings (well okay Decidueye's is not amazing but still) even if they're movesets aren't super diverse. Keep in mind that we only really lower final forms of starters when they're at the level of Meganium/Serperior of shittiness, so I really can't justify bringing the final stages to 3.

Marshadow is unreleased so it won't actually be obtainable for a while. Necrozma is actually really not great (though it has a good signature move).

Regardless of my opinion of Alolan Muk, I think we should move A-Grimer up. Poison/Dark is a really fantastic typing at lower levels so we have good reason to bump it.

Please note that Alolan Forms that aren't split evos are for all intents and purposes different Pokémon. It's not really worth considering their wild type forms or making considerations for their wild type forms based on their Alolan ones.
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