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Seconding bumping Alolan Grimer. Tweaking older gens can come in a different session, probably paired with a Miror compilation of new moves like he did for tutors a while back. Toxapex should not be the same TL as Tentacruel, just as this gen's water/bugs be separate (and luckily are easy to do).

Kommo-o post-tutors will probably be TL4. Without, you can make the argument. But it really depends if we want to give TL3 a fully evolved dragon with arms. I'm okay with giving TL3 a nice toy.

Primarina's typing is probably the best reason to make it TL4. We bumped up Azumarill only because its typing is Water/Fairy. Primarina is a good 1 TL worse, but not 2. It's got enough nice things in its movepool (including actual fairy access) where it's good for TL4, and its niche makes up for the fact that there are a lot of good water types in that TL.

Also, if y'all could get a match where Mudsdale used size abuse on a Snorlax ASAP, that'd be great.
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