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Why, Phoopes? It has 5 weaknesses, only one of which is uncommon, and one of which is 4x. Its offensive offtypes are incredibly limited by the standards of both of its types (its useful offtype moves are flamethrower, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Poison jab, and Flash Cannon. That's pretty much it), and it has all of three damaging moves for its most useful STAB. It doesn't even have size going for it- it's around the size of a Typhlosion, which is super middling, even at TL3.

As an aside, have we considered retiering Dodrio? I know it isn't a new mon, but it got significant buffs this gen. It got both Jump Kick and Swords Dance, which are honestly pretty huge for it. With those moves, I feel like it's now pretty comparable to Staraptor- Dodrio doesn't have U-Turn or Heat Wave, actual flight, or buffed accuracy, but gets SC boosts to Tri Attack and Beak moves, access to Taunt, SD, and Pursuit, with buffed movement as icing on the cake. I see them as pretty even with Dodrio getting fighting offtype now.

EDIT: oops, ninja'd by Connor on the first point. Rip.

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