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Ninetales-A at TL2 seems low. Ninetales itself is at TL4, after all. Also, Ninetales can cover Steels with her fire moves, and Fighting/Poison/Rock pretty easily with her grass and psychic moves. Also, her ability is Snow Warning (although we don't give regular Ninetales Drought, although maybe we could, although whatever Idfk)

Aurorus, another Ice type with a 4x weakness to Steel (plus an added weakness to Fighting and a weaker offensive presence, with only Bulldoze/EQ to cover any of its weaknesses), is TL3.

I'm not a very good battler which is why I'm not making any crazy arguments - 4x weaknesses are pretty crippling, and it's not like Ninetales is standout broken - but I just don't see her being the same level as Togedemaru and Dartrix. I think she's a lot better than that.
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