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This was it. The time has come: it was only a matter of time before one of them would fall, with both Pokemon at their weakened state. Elemental blows of all kinds were thrown back and forth between the two combatants and at this point, Fitz could hardly keep up with the sight. It wasn't until the blows have stopped that Fitz is able to make sense of the field, as both Poi and the Nosepass were struggling to get up.

Fitz, Pahn, Jade, Tenzing, Del, Sophia and the rest of the audience all stared in silent anticipation.

Then, a loud thud from the Nosepass as it collapses on one side and a barely standing Poi on the other.

The battle is over. A winner is now declared.

"I guess that's that. All three of the Gym Leader's Pokémon have been rendered unable to battle - the victory goes to the challenger, Fitzgerald Sardone."

"We... we did it?" Fitz had asked Pahn as if the boy was thinking that he was dreaming. The Panpour could only nod as fast as he could to the boy before leaping up to him in a hug, "We... we really did it! We won!" returning the gesture, Fitz hugged Pahn back, mindful of the injuries he had incurred. From the audience, Del made his way back to Fitz to join him in their celebration, the Beedrill buzzing about the boy with excitement from their victory. Even Zan has come out of his ball, the Zangoose now having recovered a bit of his strength from his battle earlier to at least join Fitz in their celebration, proud to have contributed to their success as he playfully placed the King's Rock on his head above Fitz's own.

Meanwhile, Poi finally relaxed from the position seeing as the pig has no need to get up on his springtail, now that the winner has now been declared. Taking a glance at Fitz and the rest of his teammates, the Spoink let them celebrate on their own for now, too exhausted to join them at this point. Yet, seeing his long time companion and the new friends they had made along the way, Poi couldn't help but feel happy at the sight of Fitz slowly developing into a fine Trainer and an even finer friend and companion. The Spoink couldn't have been more glad on having been found by him and his uncle and was proud to have the young child as his Trainer. Content on resting for now, Poi allowed himself to lay down on the ground, mindful of the stealth rocks from earlier. Fitz takes note of this and recalled his friend back to his Poke Ball, "Thank you Poi. Rest well for now, partner."

"...Aw, maaaaaan!" Their celebration is interrupted by Jade's groan as she collapsed on her knees and recalled her Nosepass back along with the rest of its teammates. Fitz, Del, Pahn, and Zan all stared as the defeated Gym Leader gets back on her feet and with a hearty laugh, approached Fitz. Affectionately ruffling the boy's hair, Jade gave her own congratulations to him, "I still can't quite believe it, Fitz. I knew you had something in you, but this! I haven't felt this good about a battle in a long time! You're a gem, Fitz. One of a kind. Promise me that you won't stop being the best I know you can be. Tenzing?"

"Sure," It took Fitz quite a bit to withhold his surprise to even notice that Tenzing was now near them: When did the Shuckle trainer approach them? "The Technical Machine for Rock Tomb. I'm sure you've seen the applications - in its essence, it's a terraforming attack that can be utilised for offensive and defensive purposes. It also slows down whatever target it hits, so you can see how it's a convenient little equaliser for Rock users. But that's not the real reason why you're here."

"This would be it." Finally, the reason why Fitz even had his battle in the first place with Jade: a proof of his triumph over yet another powerful Trainer and together with his Earth Badge, a sign of his growth and progress as a Kanjohto Trainer, "The Boulder Badge, a sign that you've surpassed the obstacles of the Pewter City Gym. Wear it proudly, Fitz."

"I... sir Tenzing, miss Jade. Thank you both so much for your time with me. It was quite an experience and... and I'm glad you went all out against me," Fitz bows to both of them as a sign of his respect as he accepts the two gifts from them, "A-and I promise you miss Jade, much as I have promised my friends... that I'll continue to be the b-best Trainer for them... that they can be proud of," Fitz vows with a smile as Del, Pahn, and Zan all gave out happy cries of their own. With the Boulder Badge in hand, Fitz located Sophia from the audience and waved at her direction with the badge before pinning it to his jacket; he can put the badge in his case later.

Poi leveled up from 18 to 19!
Poi's Mood increased from 115 to 138!
Poi learned Return!
Poi learned Mirror Coat!
Pahn leveled up from 15 to 16!
Pahn's Mood increased from 111 to 133!
Pahn learned Water Sport!
Pahn learned Return!
Pahn learned Aqua Ring!
Zan leveled up from 10 to 12!
Zan's Mood increased from 50 to 74!
Zan learned Pursuit!

Received TM Rock Tomb!
Received Boulder Badge!
Fitz can now have two additional reserve Pokemon! (Total Pokemon allowed on possession: 10)


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