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Yeah, what Connor said. Realistically, the community as a whole can't do much of anything without an LO or someone the LOs trust steering the discussion. Even if it doesn't devolve into a contest to see who can scream their opinions louder like it often does, at the end of the day the community would still have to, after discussing everything, throw it onto the plate of Jeri, or Miror, or Connor, or whoever else for them to look over, give the okay to, and implement. That's time they could be using to get SuMo ready for release, and most especially Miror and Jeri have very little time to spare with their hectic real lives.

It would be in the community's best interest, I think, to just sit tight for the couple weeks or however long it'll be until SuMo is released. Then I'm sure Jeri and the other LOs will be more than willing to discuss lower priority topics like move descriptions, SCs, and all that good stuff. I imagine there's a stack a mile high of things more important than realistic to take care of right now- because, make no mistake, Realistic is realistically (Hah!) one of the least pressing matters we could possibly discuss- so let's wait for that stack to be a little shorter until we delve into it further than we already have.

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