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Being stopped all the damn time while I'm trying to start the game is pretty irritating, but the start of most Pokemon games are like that. In a recent replay of Heartgold, I got irritated because I kept getting stopped and had people explain things to me while I was trying to do stuff. I don't remember if it was like that in the original gen 2.

So to anyone who has a male character. Does he seem soulless to you? The female character creeps me out. No matter what happens, she keeps this soulless smile. Serena didn't scare me when they made close-ups on her face. They CAN put expressions on the main character. I just don't get why they chose not to. Maybe the male isn't so bad.

I might trade Liligant for Ribombee. As much as I like Liligant, I definitely need to use a new Pokemon. Ribombee can do the quiver dance sweeping thing Liligant can do, but it has better typing and speed. I was originally deciding between Ribombee and Vikavolt, but Vikavolt is way too slow.

I just love nature farming in these games. I spend two hours trying to get a modest OR timid Abra for chain battle synchronization fun, only to get 40 of them of every nature but those two. Then I realize I happen to have Eevee of those natures, and it would just be easier to evolve them into Espeon/Umbreon.

EDIT: There's apparently something in Poke Pelago where you can send some boxed Pokemon to hunt for evolution stones. I can't tell you how well it works, since I only just now unlocked it. Hopefully you'll get more out of it than the stones you can buy. It's the second upgrade of the exploration path.
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