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Originally Posted by Shuckle View Post
Idk maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but I don't like having my gameplay effectively paused this often.

It really does feel like I'm being walked from Plot Point A to Plot Point B with some pokemon battles in between, at least so far.

I greatly preferred the Gen1 style storytelling which felt much more exploratory.

UP TO THIS POINT, mind. I'm giving it a fair shot. I'm just not a huge fan of having story shoved in my face, especially since this is Pokemon and the written story is never going to be a fantastic, nuanced, interesting narrative the way a more indirect story will be.
Kind of agreeing. I like the story, but one of the things I've historically enjoyed doing with Pokemon is crafting my own narrative. Which you can do with this, but the story is a lot more structured and not really on the backburner. Out of all of the games with focus on story, this series is by far the most in your face with it. Again, for me, not a huge gripe... more like... I feel less like this is my story, and more like this is a story, that I'm experiencing, rather than making. Meh.

That aside... trying to decide between Wishiwashi and Dewpider for my current Water type (though it could change down the road if I find something I'd rather have), and whether or not I should use Crabrawler. Crabominable (I think is its name) is such a... such a weird, hilarious joke of a Pokemon (It evolved because it literally aimed for the top but got lost in the snow). Though, if I do go with it, I'll probably eventually phase it out for Vulpix.
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