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Originally Posted by Lady Kuno View Post
Gen 1 had cutscenes too. It was just Gary walking to you, talking for a bit, then walking away. It's a different medium now that we have actual graphics.

(Also Im pretty sure BW was the first to have real "cutscenes" but everyone always forgets about BW )
I'd like to comment on that notion Kuno.

BW may have had cutscenes, such as the rising castle and N meeting his dragon, but it's been pipped to the post by older games. HGSS had that cutscene where the cover legend arrived on the scene, Diamond and Pearl beforehand had the weird wobbly sky thing at the Spear Pillar. Hell, even Emerald had the whole scene with Kyogre and Groudon, then Rayquaza schooling them both. Each of those scenes viewed in a different medium from the rest of the gameplay, each I consider a seperate cutscene. They really only started getting good at HGSS.
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