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Omg i love..
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that you can buy clothes and change your eye color so early in the game. It's awesome lol

Here's something funny + random lol:
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So I was playing Moon while Face Timing my cousin. I was at the part when you have to battle the four people at the school, and then I got to the last guy (Rising Star Joseph) and I was like, "Oh he's kinds cute" :'D and i showed him to my cousin. My cousin was like, "He looks like a pervert!" :'D but anyways after I beat him I was sent to the office, and the pokedex/map/rotom thingy said, "Sent to the office already! You naughty girl!" :'D :'D IT WAS HILARIOUS OML

P.S.- My Litten is named Jacob in Moon and my Rowlet in Sun is named Johnny
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